In the summer months theres nothing more I love to eat than a good old BBQ.  The more food the better.  Sadly when in Korea sometimes people forget about all the lovely things we eat at home and just end up cooking meats Korean style.

In any supermarket in Korea you can find chickens that have already been cut up into small pieces for 5000 – 7000 won.  If you buy these already cooked from the fried chicken shops they will cost you 14,000 +. However it’s very easy to make simple and cheap marinades yourself that are far tastier than the Korean versions. You can cook these pieces in your toaster oven at home or on the BBQ (although a good tip is to cook the marinated chicken in the oven or microwave first to speed up BBQ cooking time and to make sure no one gets sick.)  My current favourite is a Chinese style BBQ sauce.


100g of brown sugar
1 table spoon of Worcestershire Sauce
2 table spoons of garlic powder
2 table spoons of Chinese 5 spice
6 table spoons of soy sauce
2 table spoons tomato ketchup .
3 table spoons of sesame seed oil or peanut butter.


Mix all of these ingredients together  in a bowl and blend until they form a paste. Then put in the chicken pieces and leave for 30 minutes to marinate. If you want your chicken particularly flavourful then marinate overnight. If I’m taking the chicken to a BBQ I prefer to put the chicken in a zip lock bag rather than worry about a container that I need to bring home after wards.

Another easy option for a marinade is to use the red or green Thai curry paste which you can buy at the foreign food mart. Just mix 2 or 4 table spoons of the paste with a couple of spoonful’s of soy sauce and sesame seed oil and coat the chicken.

For a Mexican flavour mix some fajita seasoning currently found in Homeplus or Burrito seasoning found in the foreign food mart or Lotte department store with some oil until it forms a paste.

I am currently obsessed with Chicken Tikka, so this is another one I have been banging out. If your spice rack is bare or you are just plain lazy you can buy various brands of premade Tikka spice blends that you can mix with oil or yoghurt to coat the chicken from the foreign food mart. If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can try this recipe which I thought tasted great.


6 teaspoons coriander
6 teaspoons cumin
6 teaspoons garlic powder
6 teaspoons paprika
4 teaspoons garam masala
3 teaspoons ginger ground (fresh is fine if you cant find ground)
3 teaspoons dried mint (optional)
2 teaspoons chili powder


Mix all the ingredients together and then you can keep the spice mixture for when you need it. This mix is enough for at least two times. You can also reduce or increase the amount of chilli if you wish. When using to coat you chicken mix with oil or yoghurt to form a paste.



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