I was first introduced to this culinary delight by my boyfriend when travelling in Venezuela and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Big tomatoes are in season at the moment and this is the perfect recipe to use them, It may seem a bit costly for a salad but the taste is so fresh and amazing you wont regret investing in it.
1-2 beef steak tomatoes (or really big tomatoes as I like to call them.)
I bag/ ball of fresh motzerella about 100g
8-10 fresh basil leaves or as much fresh basil as you have.
A glug of olive oil
A splash of balsamic vinegar (optional)
A pinch of salt and pepper.
Slice the tomatoes and motzerella into to 5mm thick slices. Sprinkle the salt and pepper onto the tomatoes then arrange on a plate alternating between the tomatoes and motzerella and basil. Drizzle the whole thing with the oil and balsamic vinegar if your using it. Voilà a tasty and easy salad. If your feeling flush you could also add some fabulous fresh olives from the deli.



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