It can be very difficult to find fresh herbs in Korea so this guide should hopefully help you find what your looking for.

Rosemary – Rosemary is very easy to find in Korea in dried and fresh forms in all of the big supermarkets such as Homeplus, Emart, Lotte etc. You can also find the fresh plants in flower and plant shops and is possible the most available herb in Korea.

Basil – Dried Basil like Rosemary is easy to come by in supermarkets but the fresh variety requires a little more work. I have seen the fresh plants once or twice in Homeplus although they are usually only available for a short time and you can never find one when you want one.  If you live near a large flower or plant store it is worth enquiring to see if you can find one. I found mine on a truck in Kyungnidan near  Napsopyeong station, he has small (3000) and large plants (12,000) for those who really love fresh basil.

Mint – Fresh mint is quite easy to find, I’ve seen the plants at Homeplus and Daiso and various plant markets. Dried mint can be found at the foreign food mart in Itaewon, but why have dried when you can have fresh.

Cilantro/ Coriander – Finding fresh coriander has been my biggest challenge in Korea, I’ve searched high and low with little success. The coriander seeds and powder form can be found in the foreign food mart and occasionally in Emart . In the end I decided to give up the search and grow my own. My seeds had sprouted and I could see those glorious little leaves when out one night in Kyungnidan I came across the herb truck. The herb truck had fresh coriander plants for 3000 it made my day.

Sage – When I first came to Korea I was very eager to find dried sage for the Christmas stuffing however none could be found in time and I had to do without.  The next Christmas I came prepared but whenever I looked for sage I could still never find it. My mother sent me some seeds from home which have actually grown into a very hearty plant. However there is good news for all you sage lovers out there, the foreign food mart in Itaewon is finally stocking sage in dried and powdered form. They do a very large container which I bought for about 9000 which should last the whole year.

Thyme – Dried thyme is available in the foreign food mart and the fresh plants are on sale on the herb truck, the next time I go there I will get the guys number so you can contact him if he is unavailable. I also purchased a grow your own thyme from Daiso this week which I have high hopes for.

Dill – I’m not a fan myself but one of my co-workers was desperate for some. We scoured the shelves at the foreign food mart but we could only find the seeds and ground versions. There was none of the dried green stuff that she wanted. Although later that week in I found a grown your own dill pack in Daiso

The best option for herb lovers is to grow your own. Daiso has a large range of packs that come with a pot the soil and the seeds for a bargain price of 2000-3000. The range often changes but so far I have seen, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Dill and Rosemary. They also sell soil and pots cheaply if you get seeds sent from home like I did.



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  1. Hello, i am often read ur blog. I just move to korea last march with my family. May i know where is the place of Daiso by u buy herb plant? Thanks

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