Last night I found myself in Sinchon feeling rather hungry. Not fancying Korean I decided to do a quick search online and see what my options were – Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc. all came up. I wasn’t really sure what I was in the mood for so we decided to just walk around and go wherever we found first. Then like a shining yellow beacon we found Pho Roi. We are going to Vietnam in a month so I thought it was about high time I had my first Pho experience.

We had a look through the menu and eventually decided on a steak Pho 13,000KRW (Vietnamese rice noodles in a broth) and a plate of mixed starters for 13,000KRW (spring rolls, wedding shomai, cha goo and garlic chicken drumsticks.) The pho came first it was in an enormous bowl just  how I like it. I would definitely recommend sharing one of these as we did; it could serve up to 4 people if you had other food too. The pho was a little bland at first but once we had added the various accompaniments chillies, bean sprouts and hoi sin sauce it got pretty damn good. I could write a paragraph on the hoi sin sauce alone it was so good I wanted to take the bottle home with me (sadly my boyfriend frowned on this behaviour and I left without the sauce, although next time I will be sure not to make the same mistake again. I’m sure I would be a lot happier today if I knew that bottle was in my cupboard).

The starter plate was also rather good. It reminded me of the ones you can get in the Chinese back home. The spring rolls had a nice fresh taste as they weren’t deep fried, the wedding shomai and cha goo were deep fried which is always a winner for me and the chicken wings were a great bonus. This plate also came with a soy dip and a nice little peanut one, although there was not nearly enough of it, thank god for the hoi sin sauce.

All in all I left the restaurant feeling full and happy, it wasn’t the most flavourful food I have ever eaten ( some fresh cilantro certainly would have enhanced some of the dishes) but it made a nice change from Indian or Korean Chinese food which we can all agree leaves a lot to be desired.  Pho Roi has 8 different locations around Seoul which you can check out on their website along with the menu.




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