One of the biggest complaints I hear from meat lovers in Korea is not being able to find proper sausages. The ones they sell in the supermarket are the pre packaged boiled kind which taste nothing like we are used to back home in Britain. Well look no further meat salvation is here. Gavin is here to fulfil all your sausage needs and more.
Gavin is a Scottish butcher who has been in Seoul for many years now. He supplies many hotels and restaurants but its still a well kept secret among the foreign community. He has a shop at the Shinsegae Department store in Myeongdong but also a delivery service arranged from his website. Which means you get a hot meat injection without even leaving the house.
On to the meat, he has several varieties of sausages which come in packs of 10 for 14,500. We tried the original and the pork and herbs, both of which were great, just like the ones at home, cook on the BBQ or in the frying pan at home. If I had one complaint it would be that their slighly lacking in girth (although as the saying goes its not the size that counts its what you do with it , and Gavin has filled these sausages with some tasty tasty meat).
Also on the menu is bacon at 14,500 for 350g, personally I’m not a lover of bacon (Good lord why? I hear you cry – I dont know why? I eat all other kinds of pork except for ham and bacon, I’m a very strange person). However my boyfriend said it is the best bacon he’s had in Korea by a long way, so take his word for it. It’s as close to the kind we have at home as you will ever find. Not only will Gavin provide you with sausages and bacon, he also has sausage rolls and pies!!! Pork, Lamb, Chicken Curry and Aussie steak 14,500 for a pack of five.
The order forms can be found on his website along with a full menu. Delivery costs 3,500 or free if you spend over 50,000 (very easy to do).
So put Gavins sausage in your mouth – you wont regret it!



8 comments on “British Sausages and Bacon”

  1. I’ve looked for his store in Myeongdong but can never find it! I’ve only found his sausages in the deli section of the grocery store in Shinsagae. Does he have an actual store too? The prices in Shinsagae are higher than those listed here and the selection is lacking. I’d love to see everything he sells! Thanks for the blog by the way! It’s great!

  2. Hi there…

    I know this may be a bit late (2015 and all) but is Gavin still making sausage and other delish stuff in Korea?

    Would love to order online but I’m having trouble getting through to his website.

    Thanks a mill

    • Yes he is still making sausages I had some at an event a few weeks ago. The website is still working as far as I can see, perhaps you can try calling or emailing them.

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