Finding good Mexican food in Korea can be tricky, even in Seoul where there are numerous restaurants around (even more with the rise of On the Border and Taco bell) it’s not always great and sometime very expensive. Those of you who don’t live in large cities have to travel even further afield to get your next burrito fix.

Gringos burritos have the answer. The geniuses behind this Mexican marvel (Mike and Mark) came up with a delivery system to bring burritos to every home in Korea. The burritos come in 3 flavours chicken, breakfast and vegetarian. They are well stuffed and have a good balance of ingredients which makes every bite authentic and tasty.  The side dishes are equally amazing if not better (the bean dip is so good I would take a bath in it) and the Chili has the perfect meat to spice ratio- its sensational over french-fries topped with cheese. Their salsa is also fresh and spicy and the perfect accessory to glam up some nacho chips. So far they are not making guacamole (but I live in hope), with the extortionate price of avocados here I don’t know if it’s possible, but if anyone can pull it off it’s these two guys.

How it works – The burritos come frozen in vacuumed packs which can be delivered to your home or work all ready for you to cook at home in the oven or microwave. You order in packs of 6 -30,000 or 12 – 55,000 (but as I always say why have 6 when you can have 12 especially if one of them is free, it would be churlish not too). You can mix and match with sides and burritos to make your pack, so choose whatever floats your boat.  Delivery costs 7,500 for those in Seoul and 10,000 for everywhere else. Delivery takes 7-10 days.

A full menu and delivery information can be found on their website.



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