I was never a fan of potato salad until I came to Korea (this also goes for coffee, olives and omelettes).  We had a pot luck dinner one night and my lovely friend Corina made an awesome one, which had me craving it so bad I had to make my own. I have tinkered with the recipe and have finally found myself in potato salad heaven. It always goes down well at picnics and BBQs and my boyfriend is always very happy when he comes home to find it in the fridge. It a great comfort food and it’s easy to make in large quantities (which is very important if certain friends e.g. Britney Wilson are around).

The secret to the success of this is the coleslaw dressing and sweet chilli sauce, it gives you that some extra that mayonnaise can’t do alone.


1kg Potatoes

10 tablespoons Mayonnaise

6 tablespoons coleslaw dressing

2-3 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce

1 tablespoon of celery salt (optional)

1 tablespoon of coarse ground black pepper

5 -10 spring onions

3 tablespoons of mixed herbs

2 tablespoons of rosemary

2 table spoons of mustard (if you have it)

4 tablespoons of fake lemon juice/ or the juice and zest of one lemon


Cut your potatoes in to halves or quarters depending on size and boil them in salted water for 10 -30 minutes until they are soft and cooked in the middle. Strain them and leave them in the colander until they are cool and dry. When they have cooled chop them up into small pieces (everyone has different opinions on potato salad chunkiness so I’ll leave it up to your discretion). Mix in the mayonnaise and coleslaw dressing into the potatoes until everything is coated. Then stir in the sweet chilli sauce, mustard and lemon juice. Add the celery salt, pepper, mixed herbs and rosemary and mix thoroughly. Throw in the chopped spring onions and serve (although the taste matures well after a night in the fridge so be sure to keep those leftovers).



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