Forget diamonds, I’ve always thought that chocolate is a girl’s best friend. It’s there when times are good and bad. It makes a happy occasion even better and cheers you up when you are blue. Sadly in Korea the majority of the chocolate you can buy here leaves a lot to be desired. To be fair once you leave Europe the quality of the chocolate goes dramatically downhill. Never fear I do have a few secrets up my sleeve for all the chocolate lovers out there, so be sure to read my guide before tucking into that Crunky.

Dove –  Dove is essentially the American version of our(UK) Galaxy. No it does not taste exactly like ours but its not a bad match, I would give it 7/8 out of 10. It’s also very convenient as they sell it everywhere, Home-plus, GS Mart, Family Mart etc. and it costs just 1,500 per bar. In my opinion it’s the quickest and easiest chocolate fix. 
Lion Bar – I was never a huge fan of Lion bars at home but since I found them in Daiso I have been consuming more and more. These are the real british deal so they get the definite thumbs up from me and priced at only 1,000 its an absolute bargain. You can also find them on Gmarket, 10 for 9,900.
Whoppers – These are the american version of malteasers, don’t get your hopes up too high as they don’t taste nearly as good.  I think its the chocolate rather than the inside, but if you have a craving for ball of honeycomb and chocolate then these are your best bet. They sell them in the convenience mart in Itaewon by exit 4 right under Nescafe. That little store is a treasure trove of foreign sweets and snacks, they have a lot of things that they don’t have in the foreign food mart so be sure to check it out. If your craving for malteasers cant be sated by whoppers they do sell them in most stores in China, so if you know anyone heading over, be sure they bring you some back.
Toffifee  – For a long time I forget about this little treat, they were very popular when I was young and then I didnt have them again for years. Although they are more toffee than chocolate they are still a delicious taste of home. These divine little pieces of toffee heaven can be found at Home-plus 5.000 – 7,000 for a 2 tiered box and Olive Young 3,000 for a small box. Olive Young is not just a store selling foreign beauty supplies, they also have all manner of imported snacks from around the world. So make sure to take a peek next time you pass by one.
Thornton’s – I was unsure about whether or not to give this one away as Thortons is my favorite maker of chocolate (luckily for you I am a very kind and giving individual). It was like christmas came early the day I went to the Itaewon convenience mart and found Thornton’s chocolate bars (including my absolute favorite the Alpini which is chocolate covered praline) for 1,500. I bought 5 and have been buying more and more ever since. I also popped into Olive Young and found them for only 1,000. I died and went to chocolate heaven. Be sure to act fast as I dont know how much longer these will be around, I certainly hope they are here to stay.
Milka – Oh Milka how I love you so, another one of my European favorites, I discovered they sell it in the Shinsegae Department store in Myeongdong  priced at 4,000 for a 100g bar. I have since found out that they have it on Gmarket for 2,200 for a 100g bar and that they have also have 5 different varieties.
TwixSnickers & Kitkat – Twix, Snickers and Kitat are again a small taste of home. Yes they are the american versions but beggars cant be choosers and they are all available in your local convenience store for 1,500.
Lindt – The most luxurious of all the chocolates even at home. Now its here in Korea. On Gmarket there are various bars for sale. White chocolate 4,700 100g , Milk 5,500 100g and dark 5,500 100g plus delivery fee.There are also Lindor truffle balls on sale in 4 varieties milk, dark, white and assorted  priced at 12,000 for a 200g box.
Cadbury – Sadly it is the Australian kind, which seems to taste nothing like our lovely British one but its still a familiar brand. I’ve only seen these in the Buy the Way stores, and not everyone has them so its just if you get lucky. There is also a Malaysian Cadburys which I think is better than the one from down under. It also comes in more varieties and is currently in the foreign food mart in Itaewon in 200g bars.
Toblerone – The Swiss staple can be found all over Korea, I’ve seen it in Family Mart, Home-plus, Paris Baguette, and on Gmarket. Hopefully it won’t take you long to track one down, it also come in three delicious flavours, Dark, Milk and White.
Reese’s Peanut butter Cups – I’ve found that Reese’s peanut butter cups pop up randomly here there and everywhere. I assume they come from the American army base and they can be found randomly in all the different stores in Itaewon selling foreign foods. The store in Hae Bang Chon had an abundance of them last time I was there, but I’m sure they will be gone the next time I’m back. So if you see them grab them quick they don’t usually stay on the shelves long.
Bianco Cuore – I first bought these in Paris Baguette and they were about 4,000 for a pack of 5. I then found them in Costco for 12,000 for a 1kg bag! The chocolate on them is really good and they have a crispy creamy inside. If you don’t live near a Costco you can find them on Gmarket  17,990 for the 1kg bag.
Werther’s Original Chocolates – First they delighted our taste buds with their hard toffees now they are wowing us with their chocolate. They have 3 flavours, milk, caramel mousse and caramel (I’m particularly fond of the caramel ones). You can buy them on Gmarket 4,000 for 125g bag or at Olive Young  4,800 for a 125g bag.
Ritter Sport – You can find the German giant of chocolate on Gmarket 2,500 and at Olive Young stores 2,800 for a 100g bar. It comes in a variety of flavours which should satisfy everyone’s needs.
Andes Mint Thins – If you like a minty treat then Andes mints can be found at Gmarket for 3,000 and Olive Young for 4,000. They come in the light and dark varieties and remind me of the after eights we have back home.
Guylian – As previously mentioned I’m a big lover of praline, so I’m a huge fan of Guylian Sea Shells. Though a little pricey for a daily chocolate craving they make a nice treat. The boxes come in various sizes (although the bigger the better in my case) and these Belgian beauties can be found everywhere from Family Mart to Home-plus.
If none of the above meet your chocolate needs then you can always order online from home. I use this site  where you can get 1.9kg of chocolate or sweets delivered for £17.99 (around 30,000 ) they have a very large selection and if they don’t have your favourite, you can email them and ask them to find it for you. Delivery takes between 1-3 weeks. 



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