I like noodles as much as the next girl, possibly more. However, I sometimes find noodles in Korea a bit disappointing. I have nothing against instant noodles and I do enjoy a ramyeon (라면) from time to time, but if only they had more flavors like the rest of the world, there would be a bit more variety. I love Japchae (잡채) and the cold noodles Naeng myeon (냉면), but fried noodles are where my heart truly lies.

 The noodles at Noodle Box come in a variety of Asian flavors – Pad Thai, Thai Chili, Pad See we, Pho Xao and Mongolian (prices vary from 5,700 – 7,300). They also have fried rice, spring rolls and sweet potato rolls which I was also eager to try but sadly I had another dinner to attend to a few hours later and didn’t have enough room. I opted for the Pad See We, which were flat Lo mein noodles with chicken. The noodles came in one of those delightful little boxes (so much more appealing than the foil containers we get in England). They arrived promptly and steaming hot. After a minute to let them cool down I dived in. Although they tasted slightly greasy as first they improved at I ate them (I think the excess oil had come from pouring them from the frying pan). There were generous chunks of juicy chicken breast and thigh and as well as egg, pakchoi, onions and garlic. They were cooked in a lovely sweet spicy sauce which was tres yummy.

The decor of Noodle box is that of a minimalist quirky cafeteria, with the mismatched chairs and tables. The server was friendly and ready to answer any questions. The noodles are available to eat in or take away (a bonus if you have just eaten but like to take home food for later like I do). They also serve beer if you like your noodles with a side of alcohol (lets face it who doesn’t). I will be sure to take myself back to Noodle Box and try out the rest of their menu. It makes a nice change from a sandwich if you’re looking for a quick snack to fill you up before hitting the pub, I’d also wager that they would taste amazing after too.

Noodle Box is in Itaewon. Come out of exit 3 and walk about 100 yards. It is 2 doors before Dunkin Doughnuts. You can call them on 02-888-952 or a full menu can be found on their website  http://www.noodlebox.co.kr/noodlebox/



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