Is there anything better in life than a sweet delicious cupcake? Perhaps not, but good cupcakes can prove very tricky to track down in Seoul. Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular in Korea and can be found in most food halls in big department stores. The cake parts are generally fine but icing is always very artificial and rather disappointing. I’ve tried making them myself but again I just cant get the buttercream right, I’m not sure if its the butter or the icing sugar which is causing the problem, I’m going home in a few weeks to visit and I plan to bring back an abundance of baking supplies so I can once again make yummy buttercream.

In the meantime I have had to wait until I visited Itaewon to get my cupcake fix. Life is just a Cup of Cake has, hands down, the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in Korea and possibly ever. The sponge is light and moist while the toppings are rich and sweet. Just writing this is making my mouth water again  just thinking about them, I really wish I had bought more than two now, though I fear if I had bought more they would be gone too.

I bought one vanilla as I always do, you may think this is boring and unadventrous but its so heavenly I cant resist. Vanilla is a classic for a reason and the the buttercream on this little beauty is immensely pleasurable. The topping is thick and generous with the perfect frosting to cake ratio, it’s sweet and buttery with the flavour of the vanilla complementing it nicely. It’s like eating a heavenly vanilla cloud.

My second choice was the red velvet. I’m fairly new to red velvet cupcakes, they arent really as popular in the UK as they are in the USA. So forgive me if you don’t agree but I think this one is perfectly baked too, there is a cream cheese frosting on this one rather than the buttercream but  it works well with the slightly sour chocolate flavour. There’s a good balance between the cake and the frosting. The cupcakes come in a variety of flavours, so far I’ve had the Chocolate, Very Berry, Peanut butter and Espresso and I can vouch for them all.

The cupcakes are all priced at 4,800 each which, for how perfect they are, I think is very reasonable. They also serve all manner of coffees and teas but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had a drink there, all the surplus money I have had has been spent on more cupcakes, though the cafe is always busy and looks like an enjoyable place to while away the afternoon.

Life is Just a Cup of Cake is a hidden treasure nestled at the far end of Itaewon at Itaewon-ro 45 gil. If you come out of exit 2 and keep walking towards the far end past Rocky Mountain Tavern. It’s on the second left turning after the IP boutique just after Carne do Brazil and the 365 Bank. If you get lost you can call them on 02 794 2908 or details can be found on their website (Korean)  They also have stores in Sinchon and Sorae.



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