Last night I dined at the Aloha Table and it was a very enjoyable evening. They have a beautiful terrace here for you to enjoy but sadly we could not get a table as they were all reserved. We ate inside, which was still very nice and had the weather not been so beautiful it would have been the ideal place. We came early (at around 5pm) so they clearly are not aware of  how to turn tables, when we left 2 hours later there were still several tables unoccupied which we could have used.

There are plenty of choices on the menu at Aloha Table, some of them Hawaiian others not much (spaghetti bolognese???) There are lots of salads, burgers , meats and fish to choose from but we decided to go for the set BBQ menu priced at 19,800 per person. For this you get a platter of barbecue meats, a variety of side dishes, unlimited french fries and edamame beans plus a Hawaiian shaved ice to finish it off. If this couldn’t get any better you can add an unlimited beer 5,000 or wine 7,000 for 90 minutes.

The sides came first, small buffalo chicken wings in a yummy BBQ sauce, macaroni salad, tofu and nacho chips with sour cream. The sides were fine but nothing to write home about. Next up were the bottomless french fries and edamame beans and boy were they good. For 5 people we must have got through about 12 portions of chips at least, I think I manages about 5, they were so good. Chips are one my favorite foods, so the fact that it was all can you eat pretty much made my day. I also love edamame beans and this is the only restaurant in Korea I’ve seen them in. I’m sure plenty of Japanese places must have them, but bottomless? perhaps not. I wish they sold them in supermarkets here, they are one of my favorite snacks, if anyone knows where to find them let me know!

On to the main course. We were served up a sizzling feast of barbecue meats. Rib-eye steak, garlic soy chicken and spicy ribs. The steak was thick and juicy and the chicken was covered in this glorious thick BBQ sauce, which was amazing if you dipped the french fries into it. I thought the ribs were good although they could have been improved by being doused in the sauce (I’m a big fan of sauce). One of my dining companions didn’t really enjoy the rosemary on the ribs but overall the barbecue fare went down very well indeed, the pans were left bare at the end. Accompanying the meat was corn on the cob and a vegetable kebab which is a nice treat  for anyone not wanting to dine solely on meat and french fries.

Last up was the Hawaiian shaved ice, to be honest it looked better than it tasted. It was reminiscent of Mr Frosty the toy we all had when we were kids. It was just ice covered with flavored syrups, but it was cool and refreshing and I think after all that food we couldn’t have manged anything too heavy anyway. They have plenty of other more substantial desserts on the menu if rainbow ice isn’t your thing.

Overall our group left happy and well fed, the goal of any meal out. Everyone enjoyed it, (even the former vegetarian) and vowed to return again. It’s a great place to go for a big group meal if you get the set deal as it eliminates all the problems that can arise from group dining, ie when the check comes. It’s located in Hongdae so you can head straight out after to party the night away.

Aloha table is located in Hongdae at 364-14, Seogyo-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. If you walk along the main road at the bottom of the park away from the university towards Club FF and the like, it’s on a side street on the right hand side just a little further up from Burger B. If you’re hoping to enjoy the summer nights on the terrace then a reservation is recommended. Call them on 02-324-7718 or check out their website  (Korean)



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