I was very excited about eating some spanish cuisine as it’s something I rarely cook myself.  I used to work in a Spanish restaurant when I lived in Sydney and they always kept me very well fed. We managed to secure a table in the busy restaurant on short notice. Sadly I left feeling rather disappointed and little hungry. There wasn’t anything majorly wrong it was just a few bad points that added up to a less than perfect night. Our total bill was 78,000, not astronomical but I don’t want to spend that much on dinner then feel the need to go and buy a kebab because I’m still hungry. You might feel I’m being picky but one thing that annoyed me is that they told us the kitchen closed at 10, which was fine, we had plans later that evening anyway but they brought out all four of our dishes before we got our drinks. It was a Friday night and I was looking forward to having a nice drink with some dinner but by the time it finally showed up I had lost the desire for it. It wasn’t a fancy cocktail, just a sangria and a beer, but to have it come at the end of the meal was disappointing. It’s service 101 that you get your drinks before your food.  Otherwise everything else was fine.

The meal started off well with the Albondigas en tomate (spanish meatballs), 10,000 for the small portion. They were good and came with a trio of sauces and fresh bread.

Next up was was the Montaditos (bread topped with salmon and ham) 7,000 for 2 this was my boyfriends choice I didn’t eat them but he said the salmon topped with capers was great with a delightful mustard dressing and the one topped with parma ham was  nice but not as good as the salmon.

Then came the Patatas Bravas, which was my biggest disappointment. Having worked in a spanish restaurant and visited Spain several times I knew what patatas bravas should be and sadly these were not the delicious little chunks of potato I was expecting. They were hand cooked crisps. Had this been specified on the menu, I wouldn’t have ordered them. I nearly sent them back and wish I had now, as crisps they were nice and the accompanying sauce was ok, but not what I was expecting. I would not be willing to pay 12,000 for a few potato chips, which is what they were. You could have two kebabs for that.

The saving grace of this meal was the Panceta A La Plancha (pork belly) 26,000. The pork belly itself was very good and cooked to perfection, especially the fat, although the balsamic onions were slighty too acidic and overpowered the taste of the pork, this dish was good, but small, a bigger portion would have been better for the price.

They served Paella here which I really would have liked to have tried but it was rather expensive, although I think I would have left with a full belly had I chosen it. The girls at the next table had barely touched theirs and I was very tempted to ask if I could some but thankfully didn’t. The wine list was very extensive and the bar upstairs seemed to be thriving, perhaps that was why our own drinks took so long. I personally wouldn’t return to Mi Casa as I think my money could be better spent elsewhere. However if you have deep pockets and enjoy wine this could be the place for you.

Mi Casa is located in the allyway behind the Hamilton Hotel right opposite, My Thai China (see my review here) 119-21 Itaewon-dong, Yongsam-gu, seoul, Korea. Call them on 02-790-0063 or check out their website for a full details and a menu.  http://www.micasa.kr/en/index.html



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  1. I was trying to find a good Spanish place in Seoul, but after that abomination they had the gall to call, “Patatas bravas”, I think I’m going to skip this place. Thanks for the review. I’m a food blogger too in Korea, so check out my site: http://wp.me/1qCxG.

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