So I’m off on holiday for a week and I don’t want you all to starve to death, my 13 followers are very precious to me. So I thought I could pass on some of my wisdom to help you order some food without even leaving the house.

The first thing you need to do is find out your address. There are so many people living here in Korea who don’t know their address. There are two easy ways to find it. If your still on your first Alien card then it’s written on the back, although some people have the school’s address so just check its your apartment number. The second way is to get one of those pieces of paper called bills that are put into your letter box every month, the address is written on it. If you can’t read Korean then have one of your co-teachers translate it for you.

If you have a lot of restaurants near where you live then a great way of securing a delivery when you need it is to go to them and give them your address and phone number, then when you call them they will automatically know who you are. If you order the same pizza time after time or read Konglish then this should be relatively easy for you, when ordering new things from the menu a bit of Korean always helps.

If your Korean is even remotely passable then use one of those many delivery leaflets that are pushed through your door on a regular basis and call them up. I even managed to do this in my first year here and I think anyone that knows me would say my Korean is poor at its best, so give it a try, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. The restauranteurs are always keen for business so will try their best to understand what you want and where you are.

Mcdonalds – Yes you can get Mcdonalds delivered to your door here in Korea if you are lucky enough to live relatively near one. The number is 1600 -5252 and they speak English. Most delivery services are 24 hours a day too, so no need to go without that midnight snack. This is the thing we always longed for when I lived in England and was feeling hungover and now it’s a reality.

Pizza hut – A classic, you can check out their menu online and choose what you want then call them on their central number 1588-5588. If the person you are speaking to can’t speak English they will call you back with someone who does. The best thing about this service is that they store all your details so the next time you call its much easier.

Dominos – They have an English menu online which automatically makes the whole process a lot easier. Dominos used to be the easiest way of ordering pizza as you could pay for it online using your card in the English setting, but they have now changed the pay system which doesn’t seem to work on my computer for some reason. However I have just been advised by a faithful reader that you can pay with cash if you order online on the Korean version. 1577-3082

Lotteria – The inferior Korean cousin of Mcdonalds also delivers, not everyone’s cup of tea but for those of you not living within the Mcdonalds delivery zone a  Lotteria burger is better than no burger at all. Personally, I’m rather fond of the European Frico with cheese.  1600-9999.

If all of these fail then its always good to have a kind and loving Korean friend who can call up and order for you, to get you through those bleak and hungry times.



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  1. Nice post. I didn’t know that they speak English at McDonalds. I’ve always had my Korean wife call for me. And to think, I could have avoided all those crappy little tasks she has been trading those calls for 😉 Just kidding, but I’ll definately be making the call myself next time. Thanks! btw, hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

    • They definitely did speak English the last time I called, I guess its just luck of the draw on who answers, but I think they will pass you over if they cant.

  2. Loving your blog, found it from this post.

    In my experience, they usually don’t speak English, and tell you to call back. However, after your first order, your address is saved by your phone number, so even if they don’t speak English they can help you.

  3. Nice blog 😉 I was after piZa so I called the Domino’s number on your post. It’s one digit off. 1577-2082 is the Korean Crematorium. 1577-3082 is Domino’s Pizza. The former does not deliver pepperoni pizza, but the latter eventually did 😉

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