Yay, I’m back!!! I’m not really that thrilled to be home, I must be delirious from the heat. My god its bloody hot at the moment, it was actually cooler in Vietnam! Enough of my moaning about the heat  though, I thought you  would all love to hear about all the goodies I brought back with me.

In amongst my many trips to the breakfast buffet, lying by the pool, drinking delicious cocktails and ordering club sandwiches I did find time to go out and visit 2 different supermarkets. Going to different supermarkets around the world is actually one of my favorite pastimes. I love to see all the different ingredients that are available and I brought them home in abundance as you can see.

I shopped till I dropped. I was actually very surprised that we were able to fit it all in our suitcase, which was already full to the brim.  If anyone is taking a trip outside of Korea I would urge you to visit the local supermarkets to see what treasures you can find. Herbs and spices are always cheap and plentiful in south-east asian countries. Even in Tokyo we managed to find lots of cheap bits and bobs in their 100 yen shops that you can’t get here.

My main purchases were cheese (gouda, edam, emmental) , rice noodles, pancetta stuffed tortellini, Risoni, Pho spice mix, Thai green curry paste, lemongrass powder, Chinese five spice, lemon chicken salt, pork stock,  fish sauce, Campbells tomato soup, and various packet satay sauces. We also discovered salt and vinegar kettle crisps and a plethora of assorted flavors when we were in Ho chi minh but I am sad to say they did not survive the journey. Niall was also a very happy man as there was a multitude of Haribo sweets available in Vietnam, his favorite sweet treat.

If you have ever wondered what $64 of duty free chocolate looks like then here it is………………

I would like to note that the bags of Smarties were on sale and only $4 each, it would be churlish not to buy them at that price. About the rest what can I say, a girl has needs you know and personally I feel I showed a lot of restraint only buying 2 large bags of Malteasers. I was also very tempted by the peanut-butter cups but after an intense week of gorging I figured I had to draw the line somewhere.

I also weighed myself this morning and was very sad to find that I am now obese according to the BMI chart!!!! I shall have to do some serious dieting in the next few weeks if I want to lose those 5 lbs to get me safely back into the overweight category.  Damn you to hell breakfast buffet!



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