There is nothing more satisfying than making one of the basic elements of food at home, bread for example. Today I became a dairy queen and made my own cheese.  Ricotta is a little hard to track down here in Korea so I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe actually is. Just add acid to milk  and heat it up!


1 litre of full fat milk

4 tablespoons of lemon juice (about 2 lemons)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Cheese cloth or paper for steaming mandu ( When shopping just try saying 만두’ – 만두 찔 때 필요하는 천 ) I got mine at Daiso but its also available at most supermarkets.


Prepare by putting your cheese cloth over a sieve. Put the milk in a saucepan, add the salt and lemon juice, and stir. Heat the milk on a low to medium heat until bubbles are beginning to appear around the sides. If you have a thermometer the temperature should be between 165  -185F (74-85 C). Do not let it simmer. Once the milk has reached the right tempreture take it off the heat and stir it slowly for a few seconds and the milk should seperate into the thick white curds and the translucent liquid whey.

Use a a spoon to  put the curds into the cloth lined sieve and let the liquid drain away until its reaches your desired texture.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. Voilà homemade cheese within 30 minutes.  Watch this space for lots of ricotta themed recipes.



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    • I have to confess I still haven’t bought one yet. I’ve managed quite well by just judging everything. They have them on Gmarket though and apparently homeplus too. You dont really need one for the ricotta though as you can see when its done x

  1. I finished work early today and had it in my mind to finally give this a go. Only when I got home I discovered that what I had been advised was mandu paper was in fact mandu dough sheets. Guess I’ll be making mandu instead. I must remember to copy that Korean down to give to the shop assistant next time. GRR! I think my issues with food here are bound to drive me out of this country. I miss ovens, beautiful ovens salt and vinegar crisps, delicious seedy bread, proper chocolate, gravy, cheese, pataks curry paste. My heart yearns…

    • Sorry your mandu clothes didn’t pan out, at least you got to try mandu though. You can use coffee filters instead or a clean pair of tights, I also ready about someone using old tea-shirts if you cant find them in Daiso. Dont get too down beat as most of your problems can be solved. You can buy a toaster oven on gmarket for 50,000 or 30,000 for a small one. It might not be what your used to at home, but it will do the job.Salt and vinegar crisps are now sold in my local shop in three different varieties, so just stock up every time you come to itaewon. You can get real bread at Paul in Yeouido or The bakers table in Kyungidan, I hyave reviewed both so just search my blog. I have also made a blog about chocolate bars you can sorce here. Cheese is pretty prevalent in costco or itaewon. There are no pataks curry mix, but plenty of others to try in the foreign food mart. There is gravy mix in the foreign food mart but its not great, ask a loving relative to send you some bisto, i always stock up when i visit home. Try and hang on in there, I promise it gets alot easier over time and there are loads of fabulous foods for you to discover here along the way. x

  2. Your like the agony aunt for all woes food-related!

    I don’t know what got into me that day, I can only imagine that I must have been really really hungry.

    I do stock up on salt and vinegar crisps every time I go to Itaewon, I’d be a fool not to! Plus, since I wrote that comment my lovely friend came over with lots of Cadbury’s chocolate, Pataks curry paste, Green and Blacks chocolate, HobNobs, Jaffa cakes and even some Marks and Spencer’s knickers, which aren’t edible but just as fantastic. So I am thrilled!

    The only thing she couldn’t bring was cheese so that’s brilliant advise regarding the tights and T-shirts, I have no excuse now. Do they have to be clean? Cheese and feet are very close in smell anyway…

    And by the way, I’d read all those posts before even reading that comment, I even jot stuff down in a pad so I can find places or ingredients,Oh my god – I’ve just realised what this is inferring – I’m a virtual stalker!

    On a different, maybe less creepy, note: Have you got any recipes coming up for Halloween? Me and my boyfriend are hoping to sweeten the kids up at school by baking some Halloween related stuff to bring in.

    • Aww your so sweet, I also thought I would make a good agony aunt, being the new dear deirdre is my dream job. We all have bad days so don’t worry about it. Glad your stocking up on your itaewon trips, your a girl after my own heart. Well done on the M&S pants, my mum sends me some every year for christmsas and my birthday.

      Do try and make the ricotta it is really easy, but the best place to stock up on cheese is in Costco. They have tonnes of different stuff and its all reasonably priced. If you haven’t been yet I suggest you go immediately if not sooner.

      I am planing on doing something for halloween, I have one or two ideas I might try, a drink of some kind and something baked.The best kind of things you could make are cookies and cakes as you can make them in large batches. Although the thing that makes them halloween themed is the decoration and thats not really my forte. Theres tonnes of great ideas online if you are creative. If you want something easy and cheap you can try by honeycomb recipe, though its not particularly halloweenish. I wanted to do toffee apples but they are just too big and expensive for it to work here. xxx

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