After my success of making ricotta I decided to give making yogurt a go too. Never one to wait, I decided I would attempt to make it without buying a thermometer first. I was supposed to get one for the ricotta too but I’m very impatient and I couldn’t be bothered to go to Homeplus in rushhour traffic. It always a hell of a journey home and I always come back in financial ruin. I don’t know if I just got lucky or I’m culinarily blessed but my yogurt worked out perfectly the first time I made it, the second and third times too (I’ve eaten a lot of yogurt this week). This is a super easy recipe which you could make just from a trip to your local GS mart. So if you like natural yogurt I urge you to give it a go.


1 litre of full fat milk

2 Activia yoghurt’s (I used the plain ones, you could also try the Denmark brand as I heard it works too)

A rice cooker


Heat the milk in a saucepan on a low to medium heat until it starts to form bubbles around the outside but not simmering. If you have a thermometer it should be between 165 F-185 F but I managed well without one. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool until its warm but not hot to the touch or until it reaches 120 F, again I had to judge this but it turned out well. Put your two yoghurts into a bowl and add in a few spoonfuls of the cooled milk (remove the milk skin first) then add the yoghurt back into the milk and stir.

Fill you rice cooker with the hottest water you can get from you tap, two thirds full. Put a ceramic dish at the bottom. Poor your yoghurt milk mixture into a water tight jar or container. I used one of the large sour cream containers (which I seem to have about a million of) but anything you have should be fine. Put your milk mix into the water so it is standing on the dish (my container is plastic so if I put it directly on the heat it would melt). Switch your rice cooker onto the keep warm setting but leave the lid ajar. After 2 hours you can unplug the rice cooker and just throw a tea towel over the top and the heat should stay in. Leave the yoghurt in the rice cooker for a further 4-6 hours. When the time has pasted your milk should have thickened into yoghurt, if it’s a bit thin you can leave for a few more hours. Once you’re at a good consistency, put it in the fridge to chill for another 4-6 hours to firm it up. Voilà a delicious and cheap easy way to make yoghurt!



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    • You could use something else, Ive heard an oven on a low heat works, or just fill up a saucepan with hotwater and put it in, you might need to change the water once or twice but it should work, especially if you turn off the aircon!

  1. hi where do you get the Activia yogurt? I have been looking for denmark yogurt but havent found any in homeplus… or Activia..

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