There’s nothing better on Saturday or Sunday morning than a delicious Vodoffee. This is probably my favourite breakfast cocktail, it even pips a Bloody Mary to the post. Probably because a good Bloody Mary is hard to find here in Korea. However with a coffee shop on ever corner your never short of a frappuccino.

This baby is the easiest cocktail ever to make. Personally I like a mocha, vanilla or hazelnut one but the choice is yours, let your imagination run wild. You can buy the frappuccino from anywhere, personally I favour Coffee Bean above all others though I usually end up at Twosome Place as its the closest.


1 frappuccino

50ml (double shot) Vodka (I particularly like absolute vanilla.)


Go to your nearest coffee shop and purchase one frappuccino (or send your kind and loving boyfriend if you have one). Add the vodka and stir. Voilà a delicious and tasty breakfast drink



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