Noxa had come highly recommended so I was really looking forward to eating here.The interior is very cool and dark with lots of sparkling lights. The  menu was modern Italian and full of delectable sounding treats. After we ordered out came the bread which was very good. It tasted homemade and was wholemeal (always great in Korea). It was served with oil and balsamic. Sadly this was the highest point of the meal.

I ordered a Rosemary spatchcock chicken with potatoes and apple(20,000KRW). It looked good when it arrived and smelled even better, however it sadly did not live up to expectations in the taste department. The chicken was dry and rather tasteless apart from the rosemary. The potatoes were very plain and the apple was uncooked and even blander. The food was just very basic and it just didn’t have that mmmm factor

My boyfriend opted for the fettuccine with meat balls(17,000KRW) which sadly was as uninspiring as my dish. The sauce was rather tasteless, which is surprising when tomatoes are in season here and so cheap and plentiful. It wa just a very ordinary tomato sauce. the meatball again just tasted of cheap mince, there seemed to be no seasoning or herbs within it. The pasta was very well cooked though.  We both agreed that there was something good about the pasta that we couldn’t put our fingers on. My boyfriend later remarked that it had been the amount of parmesan he had added to the dish.

After the disappointing main courses we decided not to bother with dessert. Our total was 49,500 . Not an expensive meal but also not cheap. I think I could have made a lot of nice things for that much though so we  left feeling rather let down. On a positive note they did have a very nice loo, a restaurant with a fancy toilet always gets a few extra points from me. I think the problem was my high expectations, maybe we just ordered badly. My coworker Tonya enjoyed a good breakfast there and the selection of sandwiches on the menu seemed very enticing. I would perhaps go again to try a sandwich but with so many other restaurants in the area, I’m not sure if I could be tempted to give Noxa a second chance.

Noxa is located on the corner of Kyungnidan opposite the entrance to Hae ban chon. Come out of Napseoung station (line 6 ) exit 2 and walk straight down until you reach the under pass then go underneath. Noxa is just opposite the exit of the underpass.Or if you have GPS the address is 671 Itaewon 2-dong, Yongsan-gu. Seoul. 140-861. Phone number  02-790-0776





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