You probably already know how much I love cupcakes, so I was thrilled to find another place to buy these yummy baked treats. Monster Cupcakes is a cute little place in Kyungidan. Monster cupcakes vary a little from the usual cupcake design as they are decorated with all things gory and grotesque.

Severed finger anyone?

I opted for a chocolate, red velvet and a coffee (yes I had three, I’m not ashamed to admit it! I was doing a thorough job). They all had a very generous amount of delicious creamy topping on them, with is always good in my book (in fact the more topping the better). The cake was good too, light and moist. My favorite overall was probably the chocolate.

I have to say that the cupcakes at Monster were good but not as good as the ones at Life is just a cup of cake (read my review here) . Their buttercream is just not as sweet and delicious. However its nice to have some variety and who doesn’t like a cupcake topped with a  severed finger. They definitely win the prize for the best decoration hands down.

Monster Cupcakes is located in Kyungidan just up from Noxa. You can call on 02-790-1108 if you can’t find them.  They also have a loyalty card for all the greedy gluttons out there, buy ten cupcakes and get one for free (아싸)!



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