I love a burger more than most. A thick slab of beef in between two slices of bread, slathered with cheese and sauce is definitely the way to my heart. Serve it with french fries and you pretty much have my favorite meal. Gourmet burger joints are two a penny at home but here in Korea a good burger is hard to find. Burgers appear on most restaurant menus but  they are rarely char grilled pieces of heaven.

The menus have changed since the last time I went. They are now in the style of a newspaper called Burger B Times, its tres cute. They have a reasonable selection of burgers, although only the shrimp burger is suitable for vegetarians. My vegan friend Derek opted for the mushroom burger thinking it would be a veggie delight, but it was as meaty as all the others. He ate it anyway though so it must have been pretty good. Apart from the burgers they have a variety of  other dishes like salads, sandwiches and Tex mex fare.

My dinning companions and I all opted for a burgers (prices vary between 6,500 – 8,500). I went for the ultimate BB burger 12,000 which is topped with caramelized onion and gruyère truffle aioli. Served with french fries and a shot of vanilla milkshake. I have to say the first time I had this burger is was absolutely amazing , I would have handed over my first born child to get another one of those babies. However the next 2 times I have been, the burger has been good but somehow missing that je ne sais quio (maybe its the truffle). I don’t know what they did to change it but I urge them to return it to its former glory, immediately if not sooner. It also used to be served on a nice wooden board, it just didn’t look as appealing on a white plate. The french fries are fine although nothing special (unless you like them skinny bordering on anorexic). The milkshake is a sweet shot of goodness, a nice way to finish the meal.

My lovely friend Tonya ordered the Gorgonzola burger which she kindly let me try, but since I don’t really like gorgonzola it was a bit hohum for me. She remarked they were to stingy with the pesto. My boyfriend Niall inhaled his bacon cheese burger so I was unable to try it, I can only assume that it was tasty and that’s why it was gone so quickly.  Apart from the ultimate BB , burgers don’t come with fries. So be sure to order them on the side, the large portion is quite substantial and only 5,000.

The other reason I returned to Burger B is the drinks. I think all my friends would say I’m pretty fussy when it comes to cocktails.  The mojito here is fairly good and they have a fair range of other drinks too, including homemade alcopops. They used to offer jugs of Pimms but sadly they are no longer on the menu.

Overall I’m sure I will return to Burger B again, however if they want to reclaim my  best burger in Korea title they need to get the Ultimate BB back up to par and bring back the Pimms.

Burger B has three location in Seoul,  Hongdae (070-8870-9220), Apgujeong (070-7536-4639) and Sangam (02-375-7001). The Hongdae branch is located at 362 -7  Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu  Seoul. (Just around the corner from American Apparel on the same road as Aloha Table).



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