The last week or so we have been looking for apartments in Kyungidan and HBC. Yes I’m moving to a fatgirl food heaven.!!! Whilst trawling around the neighborhood searching for suitable places to live, we stumbled across The Bakers Table. I had read a review of The Bakers Table some time ago now and put it in my mental box of places to eat, but kind of just forgot about it. So when we happened to come across it I was very happy indeed.

As soon as I walked inside I knew I had found foreign food paradise. This place is filled to the brim with foody treasures. I was feeling rather peckish (when am I not?) so we stopped in to buy a sandwich. There were so many good options I didn’t know what to choose. We actually  had two different dinners to go to that night ( I  am in popular demand and didn’t want to deprive any of  my friends of  my scintillating company) so thought we would just share a sandwich from their delectable menu. I opted for the cilantro  chicken (I am powerless when it comes to cilantro, its my kryptonite).  We had it to go and while we were waiting I set about exploring the store.

The bread selection here is immense. I’ve never seen such a great selection in the whole of Asia. Homemade focaccia is an absolute favorite of mine and in two flavors! What more could you want? They have free samples of various breads for you to try, plus a fridge bursting with other deli style treats. I picked up a pot of their hummus (5,000) which was very good, possibly better than mine (although do try my recipe here)  and a cilantro pesto (1,500). They also have a homemade muesli which I have been meaning to make myself for the past week, to go with my homemade yogurt (recipe here) but haven’t got around to yet. At 6,000 it’s not cheap but its chock full of nuts and seeds. You could easily get between 10-20 portions from it depending on how large your portions are. As it’s quite light on the oats, you could add  some more to make it go further.

I didn’t really have time to do a full itinerary of what this places has to offer,  but there were ingredients galore. So stop by for a loaf of bread, a sandwich, and spot of shopping.  I’m sure you wont be sorry.

The bakers table is located in Kyungnidan. 244-1 Napsapyeong , Yongsan -gu, Seoul. To get there come out of Noksapyeong station (line 6) exit 2 and walk straight down past the entrance leading to Hae ban chon and go over the pedestrian bridge  above the road. You will see the bakers table as you exit the stairs on the other side.   You can also call on  070-7717-3501 or check out their blog



9 comments on “The Bakers Table”

  1. Either this place has declined badly or the original review was far too generous.

    I had the misfortune to visit on 11 July 2015 and had the Jager Schnitzel. The schnitzel itself was mediocre, although some may like the very thick cut. The horrifying aspect was the accompanying instant mashed potato.


    • You are correct the food at Bakers Table has really gone down hill, though the lines to get in are still as long as ever.

  2. I used to buy breads here because I live in the neighbourhood. I have had brunch there too but sausage was cold inside, service was slow and insufficient so I decided not to dine there any more and kept buying bread until I had problems. My favourite Bretzel became so much smaller for the same price, Zopf bread was not cooked inside. When I noticed unbaked bread at home, I called the shop immediately and I believe I talked to the owner, who was very apologetic and then went back all the way to the shop to get the refund. A guy at a till noticed why I was there but then made me wait to deal with a customer who came after me and then finally returned the money back WITHOUT apology. I have not been there ever since. Pity I loved those breads when they were done properly. Love to go back if the service and quality have become better. Any comments on recent service and quality of their products that suggest I go back and try again?

    • I used to enjoy this place a lot too, but like you I noticed a decline in quality. I’d rather make my own bread and sandwiches these days. There are other better places that you can go if you just want to buy bread?

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