It’s cheap wine night at the Family Mart of Fridays and I was ready and waiting to take full advantage. I’m not generally a huge wine fan, as anyone who’s ever been out drinking with me can attest. I’m a vodka girl through and through (despite the misery it puts me through the following day, I am committed!). However I have always had a fondness for sangria.

I first started making this delicious treat when I was backpacking in Australia. Bad wine being cheap and plentiful you needed something to take the edge off it. I improved the recipe when I moved back home to London. With the help of my best friend we would scour the supermarket shelves looking for the cheapest red wine possible, there was always a bonus if you could find one under £3.   We would knock up huge great big batches in a giant saucepan to drink before going out.

This is also a great cocktail to make if you are having a party as its pretty cheap, easy and it gets everyone into the party mood. If you decide to double up the recipe you don’t need any extra fruit.


1 bottle of red wine

200ml orange juice

500ml of lemonade (7up USA, cider Korea)

1 orange

1 lemon

1 apple (optional)


Take a large jug, punch bowl or failing that a sauce pan or washing up bowl. Pour in the wine, orange juice and lemonade. Cut your fruit into small pieces then stir into the wine mixture. Leave for 10 minutes to let the flavours develop. Voilà a delicious and easy cocktail.



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