Set over three floors “Les Deux Plats” is located in the myriad of restaurants behind the Hamilton hotel. As hinted at by the name the menu is French, but with a heavy Italian influence. Although, it has been tweaked to be more suitable to the Korean palate

We went on a saturday lunchtime and although it was busy we were able to select our table from a choice of three floors. We opted for the top deck which was cool and refreshing in this hot and humid weather. It has a canopy to stop the rain and they have blankets if you get too cold.

The menu arrived promptly and had a wealth of choices ranging from brunch items, salads, pastas, risottos and steaks. My companions and I all opted for brunch items which run from 11am-3pm and include a bowl of soup and a tea or coffee all for the bargain price of 8,000. Tell me where else you will find a deal like that in Itaewon!!!

I opted for the Eggs Benedict. Sadly it only contained one poached egg but it did come with french fries and salad which I consider a fair trade. The egg was cooked perfectly and the hollandaise was good too. The muffin was great and the ham reasonable although  nothing special. It also has a slice of plastic cheese which was strange but not unwelcome. The french fries were  very nice as was the pumpkin mash but the surprise guest at the dish was the salad dressing hidden under a delightful mix of leaves. No one  knew quite what the dressing was, it was like Caesar dressing but not. Either way it was really great. Although at first I was slightly disappointed not to have two eggs, this was actually the perfect amount of food, I was full and happy at the end but not stuffed to the gills.

My mon cheri opted for the croque monsieur. Although it looked good from the outside they had used cheese slices in the middle,  sacre bleu! I don’t know what they were thinking with that one, as it was topped mozzarella. I think most people would pay an extra dollar or two to have real cheese in the middle. Anyhow despite the great cheese scandal it was still a fairly decent toastie and it was accompanied by the same sides as my dish.

The lovely Elenor, the last diner to make up our little ménage trois ordered the Caprese Focaccia. We are big fans of the caprese in our house so I was pleased to see this on the menu. Elenor was kind enough to offer me up a bite and it was just as good as I had  hoped. Made with fresh mozzarella and topped with a gorgeous balsamic dressing, this was the star of the show.

The last point worth mentioning about this place is that they served me the best long island ice tea I have ever had ( and I have drunk a lot in my time). I would also like to point out that I am not easily pleased, especially in the drinks department so this place definitely gets the thumbs up from me. The food was good, nothing spectacular but good. At 8,000 a pop I think your laughing especially when it comes with soup and a free drink too. Our bill was only 44,000 between the three of us, an absolute bargain since we all had a real drink each too.  I will be sure to pay them another visit very soon. There is also a bar in the basement that’s open late.

Les deux plats is located in Itaewon.  at 19-gil 6-4 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take line 6 to Itaewon and come out of exit 1. Take your first right along the side streets behind the Hamilton hotel. Turn left and walk straight past Sam Ryan’s and My Thai China (review here). Its opposite Radio Garden. Call them on 02 – 797 – 2228. Bon appetit! (Screw Flanders)




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  1. I saw this place the other month when I was running around Itaewon… Didn’t get to try yet, now reading your blog post, I’ve got to get my butt there! Thanks for posting 🙂

      • That is exactly how I feel! Every time I go I’m like okay I want to go there next… but the next time there is something new! AHHH to many decisions and like you said…clearly not enough meals in the day ha ha!

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