So, this time tomorrow I shall be winging my way back to yonder England pastures. For weeks I have been dreaming about all the things I am going to eat when I am home. I thought I should do the sensible thing and make a list to be sure I don’t miss anything important.

1. A variety of wraps from Marks and Spencer – Oh how I love M&S . If you have never been to the UK then I don’t think you can understand how wonderful  food from this classy supermarket is, especially the wraps and sandwiches. A  true British staple! I like to go for the wrap selection pack and get three at once. My particular favourite is the duck with hoi sin sauce.

2. Sweet and sour chicken balls – Theres not much I wouldn’t do for a sweet and sour chicken ball. How I miss these battered beauties, especially when they are ensconced in a sweet and bright orange sweet and sour sauce. Not very authentic or healthy but they are amazing. In my chinese takeaway order I also plan to get special fried rice, crispy seaweed, chicken chow mien, springrolls and chips. I plan to have Chinese at least twice while I’m home, hopefully three times.

3. Patisserie Valarie  – (curtsey of my best friend Rachel V) Patisserie Valarie is an amazing cake shop that they have in London. I have actually never eaten a cake from there as it is pricey to say the least. I have only pressed my nose up against the window and looked longingly at the cakes. So I am very excited to attending with my favorite gorging buddy.

4. Crisps and dips -Yes I have finally mastered the art of making dip (recipe here) and now they sell cheesy Doritos in Korea, this snack is not as high on my list but I can’t say no to a dip selection pack. Four glorious dips in one pack with a mixed selection of crisps, what could be better.

5. Cider -I love cider, and in the UK its cheap and plentiful. I am actually from Somerset which is where most of our cider comes from so I will definitely be down the pub with my dad drink many of these babies. Also on the drinks list are vodka soda limes, a rapaska at L.A.B. Bar and a jug of Pimms in my favorite beer garden.

6. All bran – I love Allbran. I am so sad that it’s not sold here, as it is my favourite breakfast treat. Topped with a prune Activia and some extra fruit this makes for a yummy and healthy breakfast.

7. A chip butty – Chip shops chips sandwiched between to pieces of white bread slathered with butter. Topped with tomato sauce this a delicious carbalicous and comforting treat.

8. My mums roast dinner- No trip home is complete without at least one roast dinner and its hard to beat my mums when she puts on all the trimmings. Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, swede and carrot mash, cauliflower cheese, parsnips and gravy yes please! I also plan a visit to Toby Carvery while I am back, all you can eat roast dinner, you rock my world.

9. Rhubarb. Not everything on my wish list contains copious amounts of transfats. I am a rhubarb fanatic, I can’t get enough of that sweet and sour fruit. Fresh out of my aunties garden and I’m a very happy girl.

10. A hangover feast foraged by Malcolm. I think we all know that I eat a lot. But on hangover Sunday that amount is trippled. It is not unknown for me to eat 2 or 3 family sized pizza hut pizzas. Here in Korea options are somewhat limited. But at home you can go wild. I’m generally quite pathetic when I’m hungover and find it hard to leave the house, so I employ the service of my gay bff to go on a rampage around london searching for treats to sate my never ending hunger. This should include but not limited too, a selection of wraps and sandwiches (at least 3) galaxy chocolate thick shake, salt and vinegar crisps, something covered in pastry, a box of chocolate eclairs, some kind of comforting ready meal, a chicken and mushroom pot noodle, a variety of crisps and dips and a cup cake. I also enjoy a surprise treat!



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