Sorry to have desserted you for so long (pun intended), but I have been far too busy having fun and eating to be telling you all about it. My waist line and my wallet have taken a serious hit after eating my way around Italy. As long as I don’t step on the scales or check my bank balance everything will be okay. Italy was everything I dreamed of:  ravioli, tiramisu, pizza,  gelato, gnocchi and many many Bellini’s.

As well as being in Italy, I’ve also taken a mini break at a 5 star spa where I indulged in the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had and a divine 7 course meal. Today I finally succeeded in eating the chinese of my dreams, I was looking forward to the left overs later but my mum polished it off. I have also eaten copious amounts of salt & vinegar crisps and several wraps.

Now I’ve finally made it back to a real kitchen I will be posting some very delicious English themed recipes very very soon……. Ciao x



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