I like to start my Saturday right, this usually includes a delicious breakfast cocktail. Since summer is almost over, I thought it was about high time I showed you my quick and easy recipe for a fabulous frozen cocktail. I’m very particular when it comes to cocktails so this is one of the easiest ways to make a quick frozen drink with little to no effort. It also contains at least one portion of healthy fruit goodness, making it a very suitable breakfast option for health conscious alcoholics such as myself . This little trick also come in to its own when your not near a bar but need a drink fast. They are also much cheaper.


1 Smoothie/Slushie (I personally favour Smoothie King’s Strawberry lemon twist or Dunkin Donuts Orange mango Coolata)

50ml of your preferred liquor (vodka/rum/tequila all work well)


Simply go to your nearest smoothie selling outlet (all the big coffee chains sell them). Purchase one drink in your favourite flavour, I recommend ones made from juice rather than those containing milk or yoghurt. Add the alcohol and stir. Voilà a fabulous frozen cocktail.



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