Burgermine a cool new burger joint that opened up in Haebangchon several weeks a ago. Burgers are ten a penny in HBC, so to set its self apart the geniuses behind it came up with a gut busting concept – all you can eat burgers!!! To me there are no sweeter words in the english language than all you can eat. Forget I love you, these are the words I long to hear. In all my 28 years I can’t ever recall coming across an all you can east restaurant serving up burgers.

Here’s how it works. You pay 15,000 for the all you can eat set. This includes as many burgers as you can muster, although you must finish the previous ones before ordering the next, otherwise you will be charged 3000 won. All you can eat chips (fries to the Americans) and unlimited soft drinks. The beauty of this burger bar is you get to be creative. Whilst they are grilling up your meat, a choice of beef or chicken, you get to make your burger exactly how you like it. With a choice of over 50 toppings the world really is your oyster. You begin with a choice of bun, original, multi-grain or garlic, choose your cheese, cheddar, gouda, havarti, mozzarella, or pepper jack and then move on to toppings and sauces. There were too many to choose from to list them all here but my particular favorites were, guacamole, chili, bacon jam, bulgogi, salsa, pineapple, egg and thousand island dressing. All the usual suspects were also there in spades.

The Patties were pretty good. They had that great char-grilled taste that you look for in a burger, although I think they needed a bit more seasoning.  The chicken burger was well cooked but still juicy, its more of a fillet than a burger but we liked it. If you like your burgers meaty I would recommend you double up the patties, which is what I will be doing on the next visit. The chips were pretty good too, I enjoyed having the buffet of sauces to accessorize them with. They all also have a regular menu with burgers and salads etc if you’re not an all you can eat kinda girl.

I was full after 3 plates of chips and my two hearty burgers. I possibly could have forced down a third but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. It also led me to wonder who had eaten the most burgers here at Burgermine. The manager told us that the highest was 7 or 8 patties. He also said that a few guys regularly managed 6, although they doubled them up so they were only eating 3 double burgers, which I personally feel is cheating. I don’t think anyone could eat more than five whole burgers, which has led me to believe my capacity for burgers is poor at best! A measly 2, what is the world coming to? The world record for most burgers eaten was 108 in 8 minutes, I clearly have a long way to go.

On their website you can add you burger to the hall of fame. Users vote which burger they think is the best and if you come out top it gets added to the menu. Be sure to check out my burger The Fat Girl.

Burgermine is open 12pm-12am on week days and 12pm-2am on weekends. All you can eat burger hours run from 6-10pm everyday and 12pm-2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Burgermine is located in HaebanCheon at 45-9 Yongsandong 2 -ga, Seoul, Korea. Take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) . Walk straight out of exit 2 for about 200 meters and take the first left and walk straight along the road with all the kimchi pots. Burgermine is on your right opposite Phillies. Call on 070-8263-2034. Website – http://www.burgermine.com/index.php?lang=en



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