I managed to survive my second day of the five and two diet. Although today was a lot harder than the last time. I started my morning with grated apple and strawberries topped with low fat homemade yogurt (recipe here) and 2 spoons of healthy nut muesli. This is what I would normally eat for breakfast although on a normal days I would eat a slightly bigger portion. This clocked in at about 250 calories.  I ate this around 1pm just before I set off for work. I got up at 11am so I made this meal my breakfast. I also had a black coffee which although it woke me up I felt light-headed later in the day.

At 4.30 I was given a Lotteria bulgogi burger as my work snack. I was already feeling pretty damn hungry at that point and usually would have devoured it. However I drew upon all my strength and will power and gave it to one of my students. The hunger soon passed and I continued the day drinking plenty of water and herbal teas.

By 7pm I was starting to suffer, I had a headache from the caffeine and was starting to feel weak, I  think the caffeine in the green teas had sped up my metabolism and I was feeling light-headed because my blood sugar level had got low. I was starting to regret giving away my burger at this point, but I had another class to do with no breaks so I had no choice but to suck it up and finish. I think doing the fasts on week days is definitely the way to go, as I’m busy and don’t have the time to eat even if I want to.

I got home at 8.15 and made a healthy omelette made from 2 eggs, a red pepper, a tomato, some spinach, some courgette, half an onion and some salt, pepper and herbs. If you want to know what 100 calories of vegetables looks like then here it is…..

Your really hitting a new low when your reduced to weighting your vegetables, although eating 8 mini cupcakes in row just because there was no one else to eat them also falls under the same category. My omelette racked up to 240 calories making it 490 for the day. Well done me.

Since starting the diet last Wednesday I have lost 6 pounds, taking me back down to my usual weight. I have to say that I had gained 6 pounds whilst on holiday which is quite normal for me and it generally comes off in a week or so anyway. So I think next week will be the tell to find out how well its working.



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