Unfortunately T.G Brunch has sadly closed down due to the rent prices. 

Last weekend I woke up feeling slighy worse for wear and needed hot brunch injection fast. Thankgod we have finally moved out the culinary desert that is Oryu dong and into to Hae Ban Chon which has a plethora of brunching options. It was so nice to finally be able to have somewhere nice to eat that didn’t involve a 45 minute train journy. Oryu dong’s brunch options include Paris Bagutte or Lotteria. Not the most appetizing start to the day.

Anyhow we decided to venture off to T.G Brunch. Since brunch is mentioned in the name, I knew we were on to a winner. We rocked up at about 1pm on Saturday to find all the table occupied, however we only had to wait a couple of minutes until a table for two became available.

They serve brunch all day and had a wide selection of breakfast style items including a full English, 8 different kinds of Benedict’s, omelettes, croissant sandwiches, scrambled eggs and a breakfast burrito. As well as the usual salads, pastas, sandwiches and burgers you would expect.

I opted for the asparagus and mushroom Benedict while Niall went for the tomato avocado bacon Benedict, both priced at 12,000.

I was starving hungry and was very pleased to see the huge portion served up for me. 2 english muffins topped with 2 poached eggs, mushrooms and asparagus spears and finished with hollandaise sauce, served with french fries and a side salad. This portion was perfect for me, but those with a smaller appetite or budget could easily share and still be satisfied. The eggs were cooked perfectly. The yoke oozed out when I cut into it and the white was perfectly firm. The first bite certainly warranted that Mmmm feeling you are looking for. The hollandaise was rich but could have done with a little bit more oomph. The asparagus and mushrooms were also well cooked and tasty. The fries were good as was the spinach side salad topped with a balsamic dressing. The only criticism I did have was that I wished the quality of the eggs was better but overall I was pretty damn happy.

I tried a bite of Nialls avocado bacon option which was also pure heaven. The avocado and tomato were what really set this dish apart. I would definitely be very tempted to go for this one next time. Although the menu had many other appealing options. We will be certain to return.

The only other point they fell short on was the lack of a bloody mary on the menu. For me going out to brunch screams bloody mary and without one it cannot be a perfect breakfast. They have wine and beer on the menu if that’s what floats your boat, but sadly it doesn’t float mine. I could always settle for a bucks fizz if they could organise some sparkling wine.

T.G Brunch is located in Kyungnidan 305-5 Itaewon -2dong, Yongsan -Gu, Seoul. You can call them on 02-749-8005. Take a train to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) Come out of exit 2 and walk straight for about 200 meters. Go underneath the underpass to get to the other side of the road. Take the road leading right and walk about 100 yards, T.G Brunch is on the right. Happy Brunching.



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