Yesterday was another fasting day. We had been out to the pub the night before and sadly after a sampler plate and several drinks I have gained a pound and a half. So I was glad to back on the diet. Things have been going very well thus far so I will need to be careful with what I drink, especially mid-week.

So I thought I would start off with a healthy smoothie and a banana. I made my smoothie from 140g of frozen strawberries (50 cals) 70g of frozen mango (50 cals) and 100ml of orange juice (50 cals). I also added in 100ml of water to get it going a bit. With my banana this added up to a nice round 250 calories for my first meal. I also waited until 1pm  before eating. I think if you are able to then waiting as long as possible is the way to go.

For last nights dinner I made a prawn salad. I was actually surprised about how much you could actually get for that amount of calories. I had 9 large king prawns (100 cals) a tomato (18cals), a small red pepper (32 cals), lettuce (10 cals) a cucumber (15 cals)  and half a carrot (15 cals). I used three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar as my dressing (50 cals) and the whole lot came out to 240 calories.

Yesterday I decided  I would try a new tack and instead of waiting until I get home to eat my dinner I will eat it during my break at work at 7pm. Last time it was just too long between meals so I didn’t really feel that great, so I made my breakfast later and my dinner earlier.  However around 9.45pm, I was desperate to rip into a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, it was still hours before I would be asleep and I wanted them so much!! Watching TV is not the same without a delicious snack. Luckily for my waist line my boyfriend has a lot more willpower than I do and encouraged me not to give in. He made me a nice soothing cup of peppermint tea instead.

I weighed myself today and I had lost a pound, so I’m still half a pound up from Wednesday. So my weight loss so far is still 6lbs.



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    • Hi Katherine I’m sad to say I gave it up, sadly I have little to no will power when it comes to food, which is why my blog is called a fat girls guide and not a skinny girls guide. I would still recommend it though, I lost my holiday pounds and that was good enough for me.

    • Sorry I only just saw the second part of your answer. I think it could be a very good long term method of losing weight if you are committed. As soon as I was back to my usual weight I felt good again and didn’t feel that push I needed to continue. However if I had more to lose I think I would stick with it. The fact that its only two days a week does make it easier. yes those days are hard, but any day your on a diet you need the willpower to say no to things, knowing you can have it tomorrow does make it easier. sadly I didn’t keep it up but I would like to think there are plenty of people who can.

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