Saturday is upon us and to me that means cocktail time!!! In fact for us lucky ducks here in Korea its Chuseok which means a 5 day weekend. The contents of my booze cupboard is going to take a serious hit this week. So like any forward thinking alcoholic I like to plan ahead.

I love vodka, in particular flavoured vodka, I have a variety of flavors within my possession but these delicious drinks do not come cheap, especially when they are compared to Soju, which is always cheap and plentiful. So armed with a bottle of Forever Vodka (about 7,000 won) I set about making this yummy lemon vodka.


1 bottle of Vodka

1 lemon (any fruit will work though)

1 glass jar


Make sure the jar is clean and harbors no smells from the previous occupant. Slice your fruit and add to the jar. Pour in the vodka and secure the lid. Store in a cool dark place for 1 week. You may want to shake the jar once or twice a day to improve the infusion. Voila a deliciously easy homemade infusion.



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