Last saturday we visited Porchetta, an amazing new sandwich place in Kyungridan. The second you step into this place you will see and smell the gorgeous joints of meat waiting to feature in the sandwich of your dreams. What I wouldn’t do to get hold of one of those babies to make sunday lunch! The sandwiches are the star attraction of the menu here but don’t come cheap, running between 7,300 – 10,900. I was a little worried about the cost but these beauties more than lived up to expectations.

I opted for the roast beef and boy was I not disappointed  The bread was pillow soft ciabatta  I didn’t have bread that good in Italy! The roast beef was intense. There was a flavor explosion the second the meat hit my tongue. The beef had been seared and it had that beautiful  barbecue taste. Every aspect of this sandwich had been planned meticulously. Even the accompanying sauces were insatiable. They were  fruity whole grain mustard, basil mayo or spicy sambal. The waitress told me they are hoping to sell these once things get off the ground.

Niall went for the ham. Personally I don’t like ham, but if I was ever to give it a go this would be the stuff to try. It was great to see some real ham as you don’t see it all that often in Korea. This sandwich contained real cheese, none of that plastic crap that features in far too many sandwiches these days. It was a joy to behold and just watching him tuck into the sandwich I knew it must be good.

As well as my roast beef sandwich I also ordered the porchetta to take away. The porchetta is roasted pork beautifully glazed with a swirl of herb stuffing inside. It certainly looked good and it more or less lived up to all my expectations, although I think for me it couldn’t quite take the top spot off the beef.

Wanting to do a thorough job I also ordered a portion of the dry rib appetizer. When I opened the lid on the box the aroma was intoxicating. Not the best ribs I have ever eaten but a good deep flavour. I think they would be improved if they were a rack of ribs rather than the short ones. It was a little hard to gnaw the meat from the bones because of their shape.

Porchetta is located in Kyungridan.  658 Itaewon 2 dong, Yongsan -Gu, Seoul. Take a train to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) Come out of exit 2 and walk straight for about 200 meters. Go underneath the underpass to get to the other side of the road. Take the road leading right and walk about 50 yards, Porchetta is between Concorde and Toucan. Check out their facebook page, if you befriend them they will send you a coupon.



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  1. We went to Porchetta today and things have definitely changed as the food does not taste as it once did. The original porchetta sandwich was small, bland, and oily. The side of fries is definitely not worth the SET price of 5,000 (with a small coke can) as it looked more like a garnish and less like a side. They are apparently changing their menu but forgot to include ingredients in our sandwich like the olive tapenade written in the menu description as well as greens- the staff had no idea what exactly was supposed to be in the sandwich when they were asked.

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