Petra is a delightful middle eastern restaurant full of delicious delicacies for everyone. I have visited this restaurant twice now, once with a vegetarian and once with a vegan so this is good choice for anyone that can’t eat meat and a great one for those who can as they have lots of lamb on the menu. It always good to have somewhere a bit different to go to. If you’re not familiar with middle eastern food, I would urge you to give it a go.

After surveying the menu we made our choices. First up was the trio of dips, hummus, baba ganoush and labanah (10,000).  We also got an order of pita breads (1,000 each). These dips were amazing and so was the warm pita. Just thinking about them now is making my mouth water.  The hummus is insanely good, even better than mine. I am a big fan of the more, middle eastern, oily creamy version of hummus so it was great to eat one. The baba ganoush and labanah were both very tasty too. An excellent start to the meal.

We also ordered the mixed kebab (24,000) and boy were we glad we did. One of the lambs had such an amazing intense flavor on it I thought I was in food heaven. I’m not sure of the exact combination of spices that they used but I would love to recreate this at home. It produced such an indescribable taste. It was fantastic.

They have various wet curries on the menu that come with a choice of meats and different side dishes such as rice or cous cous. They vary in price but are around 15,000 each. The one I tried on my first visit was really good, but sadly for me I was too drunk to recall the name. On my second visit I went for the lamb kofte although this was a little lacking in flavor and not as good as my first one. However it may be a good choice for people who like milder food.

I was also lucky enough to try the falafels (a large portion is 10,000) , I considered making these a few weeks ago, and after rediscovering how much I like them, I will certainly be giving it a try in the near future.  They had a good texture and a great flavor. Falafel is something that we take for granted back home, I wish I could eat them everyday.

Overall I was very happy with my dinners at Petra, the food is full of flavor and well priced. Its nice to have something a little different from the usual offerings too. My only slight disappointment is that they do not serve alcohol (I got drunk before I went there, if you were wondering why I was so wasted on my first visit) . Obviously they have their own religious reasons for doing so but it would be nice to have a beer. Although I can learn to live without it since the food is so good. They do have shisha on offer if flavored steam floats your boat.

Petra is at 522 Itaewon dong, Yongsan gu, Seoul. Its located on the hill at the bottom of Itaewon just overlooking the intersection n.. From Noksapyeong Station (line 6): Go out exit 1. Cross the overpass bridge. Petra should be straight ahead on the second floor. From Itaewon Station (line 6): Go out exit 1. Walk straight about 5 minutes. Go up the alley across the street from McDonald’s (look for the yellow Money Exchange sign). Follow the curve around and Petra is on your right. You can call them on 02-790-4433.



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  2. Hi, I just went to petra yesterday (07-16-17) and I only recommend this place if you do not care about service and just want good food.

    The older man who I believe to be the owner was very rude to my group of six. As well, the waiter had the audacity to tell me I ordered too much food. That 3 pita breads were too much and he would bring 2. I told him I eat a lot and would really like 3 but he ignored me and brought two. Later I was still so hungry I ordered 2 more pita breads. What waiter has the right to tell a customer how much they can or cant eat?

    The food was good. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it was an 8.
    The service was not good. I will never go there again. 🙁

    • That is very sad to hear, bad service always puts me off returning to a restaurant. I haven’t been in years myself. Does anyone else have a recent experience of this place?

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