I like to think of myself as very lucky food wise. Living in HBC I am surrounded with foreign food stores and restaurants. Even the shop across the road stocks everything I could want for any western dinner. As well as all this goodness I am blessed to work around the corner from Pho Mein.  Pho Mein is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Korea ever. Just walking past that place on my way to get a vanilla latte has me drooling.

I don’t think you could go to Pho Mein without trying the pho. They had various varieties of these soup noodles on the menu.  We opted for the Pho Meins Pho (9,500). The pho arrived in a huge steaming bowl with the various accompaniments. The broth was very tasty and full of flavor. Some pho that you have really need a good amount of the hoi sin sauce in them before they get tasty but this one was fine on its own. It had a generous amount of meat which was good too. Although you couldn’t compare it to the pho we had in Vietnam, there was just something different about those, it was very good.

We also ordered the shrimp rolls (5,000) They are king prawns wrapped in a crispy coating and served with a sweet chili sauce. I think we all know by now that I enjoy anything deep fried and these are no exception they have a great texture and taste. They also have various other spring rolls and wedding shomais on the menu.

This time I was keen to try to the fried rice, they had several varieties on the menu and we chose the pineapple shrimp fried rice (10,500). It was everything I hoped it would be. I had the true taste and smell of an authentic fried rice, which bok um bab (korean fried rice) just can’t seem to replicate. There were plenty of chunks of pineapple and shrimps. We had this to accompany the cashew chicken but it could easily stand alone as a main dish.

Lastly we ordered the pièce de résistance – fried cashew nut chicken (16,500). I literally could not fault this dish, it is absolutely perfect. The chicken is coated in this amazing crunchy batter. There’s a generous portion of cashew nuts and the vegetables are fresh and crisp, just what I look for in a dish like this. The sauce is perfect too, sweet and spice balancing in perfect harmony. If you enjoy kung pao chicken at home then this is the dish for you. China factory could learn a lot from this place. I think this one is also even better than the one at Ho Lee Chow, but I would have to do a taste off to make sure.

As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of Pho Mien, they have served me some of the best westernized asian food I have eaten in Korea. The price is also fairly reasonably, considering the amount we ate. We visited the Bangbae location but they have restaurants all over Korea. Take a look at their website to see the menu and find your nearest one. You won’t be sorry.  http://phomein.com/Main/



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