I’m always looking for a new place to brunch and am very lucky that there plenty of options in my area. Indigo is located less than 100 meters from my house, but until now we have always shied away from paying them a visit. We walk past it several times a day but it just doesn’t seem particularly inviting. From the outside it just looks so drab and dreary and they have these hideous old curtains festooning the windows, it just kind of put us off. However I had always heard good things about it from my friend who used to live in the area. So in the end I finally managed to convince Niall that we needed to give it a try. I was very glad we did, bringing to mind that trusty old phrase never judge a book by its cover.

Once you get inside the place looks much better, they have a big counter with a nice big board behind it listing all their sandwich options , the restaurant opens up around the corner into a cosy little nook with lots of tables and a lovely mural painted on the wall giving a the cafe a hippy chic kind of vibe.

The menu is vast with plenty of options, almost too many really. We opted for our usual sandwich and eggs benedict, the perfect brunch combination.

The sandwich came first, we chose the basil pesto, mozzarella and chicken (9,000) it comes with a choice of french fries or salad but we were served up both, even though we only chose the chips.  I have to say the sandwich was pretty damn good. Served up in a lovely large brown roll, you can also have it in a bagel.  The bread was very soft and tasty. There was mounds of chicken, this was a very well filled sandwich. The chicken was that shredded kind which I personally enjoy. The sandwich was filled to the brim but was still very easy to eat, hats off to whoever made it as that sometimes a problem with big ones. The flavor of the pesto came through nicely and you could certainly taste the mozzarella. I would have liked a little bit more sauce on it, but I had mayo on hand from my chips and that did the job nicely. I’m certainly looking forward to trying some of their other sandwiches if that one was anything to go by, we actually had a bit of a disagreement on choosing which one to get because there were so many good options.

Our other choice was the eggs benedict (14,000). If you are an avid reader of my blog, you will know I find this a compulsory dish on a brunch menu. This was was pretty decent too. The eggs were perfectly cooked and had a great taste (better than the ones at T.G brunch). The hollandaise was rather thick and needed just a little bit more vinegar to zing it up a bit, although I haven’t found a great hollandaise anywhere yet. This was was almost like putting egg yolks on to eggs, certainly not bad but just missing that lightness that you need. The benedict comes with a choice of ham or bacon, since I don’t like ham I chose the bacon, which I am becoming increasingly fond of. It was that crispy chewy american kind, which I find easier to eat than the English version, although I’m sure many of you would disagree with me. It came with a side salad, which offered a lightness in contrast to the richness of the eggs and bacon. Although I think I would prefer more traditional breakfast accompaniments, mushrooms, asparagus or chips, if I’m eating eggs ben then I like to go all in.

We had had our fill and were on our way out when I spotted the dessert counter. I hummed and hawed for quite a while over my choice. In the end I  thought it as very unfair to make a girl chose between a chocolate brownie (4,500)and a slice of red velvet cake (5,000) so I got them both (I’ve never been one to deny myself). The Butter chocolate chunk was sinfully rich, with thick topping on the cake. This was almost too much to eat in one go so i nibbled at it throughout the afternoon. I will certainly know where to go the next time I need a chocolate fix. The red velvet cake was also divine. I was a little disappointed when they cut into it as I thought they were a bit stingy on the filling. However once I started eating it I found my fears were groundless. There was plenty of topping to go around. The sponge was beautifully moist and I have high hopes of one day making a cake of this caliber myself. I tried to savor this cake but it was just too good and it was devoured rather quickly.

I really enjoyed my brunch at Indigo and will certainly be back for more of their sandwiches and red velvet cake but I still think how easily we could not have gone there and instead headed over the bridge and gone to The bakers Table with its ever inviting interior. Indigos had been in Hae Ban Chon a long time and has clearly stood the test of time thanks to its great menu. However its a neighborhood with a high turnover. Looks are important these days and there are far many more attractive options on this street. I think a makeover could really boost their business, it would certainly make me much more likely to come in.

Indigo is located in HaebangCheon. Take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) . Walk straight out of exit 2 for about 200 meters and take the first left and walk straight along the road with all the kimchi pots. Indigo is on your right just opposite the shop.



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