So would you believe it, I have been nominated for a blogging award. (Yay!!!!) The two lovely people at Adventures We Seek have nominated me for the liebster award. I never even knew these things existed, but apparently I’m worthy of a nomination. It’s wonderful to know that someone out there is reading my words of wisdom as I’m fairly certain my friends and family give me a miss most of the time. They are always asking me “how did you make this?”  “Don’t you read my blog!” I cry angrily. Either way its good to know that someone out there loves me.

So to accept this momentous accolade you have to:

1)  Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog. Thankyou once again Adventures We Seek, How can I ever repay your kindness, my first born child perhaps?

2)  Attach the award icon to your site.

3)  Answer some questions from the previous blogger and choose new ones for your nominees.

4) Nominate other bloggers for the award.

1. The book that changed your life:

I don’t think any book has changed my life, but the book that turned me into an avid adult reader was “Memoirs of a Geisha”. these days I like chick-lit with a few random bestsellers thrown in for good measure e.g. fifty shade of grey. Now if  you’re looking for a book that changed my sex life………………..

2. Your favourite author/writer:

Not sure if I have a favourite but I will read anything by Sophie Kinsella, Adele Parks or Marian Keyes.

3. Your pet and its name:

I do not have a pet, my mother loathes animals and I was never allowed one as a child. Sadly her resentment has rubbed off on me and I too have no desire to share my home with any living creature except my boyfriend. However I do love those teacup pigs, if I had one I would call it Moo.

4.  The craziest thing you have done:

Hmmm my parents do occasionally read this so I will have to keep the truly crazy stories to myself. There have been far too many to mention. However once I was out on Saturday night and bumped into a friend who was heading down to Reading festival. I went with him even though I had no ticket ,no money and no tent. It was incredibly muddy that year and I lost my flip flops in the first 15 minutes of being there. I spent the next  48 hours in a drunken bare footed muddy trance. But as I recall I did have rather a nice time. I’m not sure I would be up to it these days though.

5. Your best friend:

My one and only true partner in crime Miss Rachel Verney. Even though we live in different continents there could be no one else but you, I love you little pea. May we create a new answer for the question above the next time I am back.

6. A childhood prank

I’m not sure how funny they are, but we did always used to try things when we were young. We stuck some money to a paving slab outside a shop once and watched everyone trying to pick it up. We also used to do the knock and run (aka ratties) when you knock on someones door and run away before they answer it, brilliant.

7. Favorite musician:

Another one of those ridiculous questions. Who can answer it? I love lots of music, from indie to dance with some pop thrown in. Anything I can move my drunken feet to or makes me happy when I am sad.

8. A place you would love to visit:

I want to go everywhere!!! But the next few places on my hit list are Hong Kong (were going in December!!!), New York, and Hawaii.

9. If you had just 5 minutes left to live what is the one thing you would do?


10. Favorite sport:

I don’t really fancy myself as much of a sportsman. I’m more of a lying down on the sofa and watching project runway kind of a girl. I do  jog occasionally, usually when I’m trying to catch the bus.

11. How do you define love?

Presents!!! (Hint hint) Urgh what a stupid question!

Okay drum roll please………..My nominations for the Liebstar award, in no particular order are………………………………

1. Cooking and Cocktails  – You combine to two greatest passions into one easy to read blog. Good work!

2. Backpack Bs – I love you, even if you did post a recipe for jigae!!! (Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, excuse me whilst I vomit)

3. Country Chick Crafts – You amaze me at every turn, you are the girl I wish to be some day.

4. My Korea Quest – Blogging about all the cool things that Korea has to offer.

5. The Pud Hog – You remind me of all the delicious things I am missing back home, one day we shall eat cake together.

6. Muesli Lover – A blog dedicated to breakfast, well worth getting out of bed for.

7. Adventures We Seek – I have to return the favor, even if you have left Korea 🙁

8. Woman on a Budget – So creative, warning do not read this blog unless you have some time to kill, it’s so addictive you will want to make everything on here.

9. Frugal Feeding – Love this blog, I almost feel that I could live the frugal lifestyle but can’t bare the though of giving up spending sprees in Forever 21 and Pizzahut sunday.

10. License to Roam – Love you pictures, you are also my number 1 stalker, good work.

11. Cooking with Corinna – Very jealous of your new Kenwood mixer, if anyone wants to send me one I would really appreciate it.

My questions!!!

1. If you could be a superhero which one would you be and why?

2. What would you eat for your last meal on earth?

3. If I gave you a $100 right now what would you spend it on?

4. When was the last time you cried and why?

5. Whats the last nice thing you did for someone else?

6. Whats the best costume you have ever worn?

7. If you could go back in time which year would you choose?

8. If  I gave you a free plane ticket where would you go?

9.  What was the best present you have ever received?

10. How would you spend your last day on earth?

11. Is a jaffa cake, a cake or a biscuit?



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