I have always found the phrase ‘the way to a mans heart is through his stomach’ to be true. It is especially true for my boyfriend and lamb. Nothing puts a smile on his face like a big chunk of meat. So he was very pleased when I brought home a bag of lamb mince from the foreign food mart.

I came over all middle eastern in this recipe, making Moroccan style spicy meatballs which have plenty of flavor. You will be in meatball heaven. I served these dry with cous cous and flatbread with a simple tzatziki style dip on the side, but you could just as easily make a tomato based spiced sauce to go along with them.


500g of lamb mince

1 onion

5 cloves of garlic

5 tablespoons of panko bread crumbs

1 egg

1 lemon (the zest and juice)

1 tablespoon of cumin

1 tablespoon of freshly chopped mint

1 teaspoon of coriander

1/2 a teaspoon of paprika

1/2 teaspoon of chili powder

1 tablespoon of olive oil

A pinch of salt and pepper


Finely chop your garlic and onion and fry them off for five minutes until they are soft and translucent, then add the spices and fry for a few more minutes. In a bowl mix together the raw lamb mince, bread crumbs, chopped mint and onions and garlic. Add a beaten egg to the bowl and mix thoroughly.  When everything has been combined  roll the mixture into small balls.  Fry the meatballs in a little oil for 5-10 minutes until they have cooked through completely. You could also cook them in the oven. Serve with cous cous and flatbread and enjoy. Voilá my morish Moroccan meatballs.



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