So last weekend some lovely friends of mine from Busan came to visit. One of their requests was that we go to the Indian buffet. Never one to turn down an opportunity to eat all I can, I was right on board with the idea. Its been a while since we have been for an Indian, so I was really looking forward to it. There are various Indian buffets around Seoul, but Taj Palace is usually our favorite.

For 17,500 on weekends you get access to the all you can eat buffet. They have a variety of different curries, rice dishes, salad and all the garlic naan bread you can eat. They also have a soup and a dessert offerings too, but I never manage to get that far, after two plates of curry I’m usually stuffed to the gills.

In my eagerness to eat everything, my pictures are a bit on the iffy side. Here is a showcase of some of the dishes they have on offer.

Chicken Tikka,  Butter Chicken, Chicken Saag and Lamb Vindaloo

Bean Sagaloo, Mixed veg curry, saffron rice and noodles.

As I said I’m a big fan of an Indian buffet, you get to try a bit of everything and this one certainly delivers. There are plenty of curries to try and they have a decent range of heat between them. Their naan bread is also to die for. They have a separate menu if you wish to order any extras, like samosas or raita. It’s a great option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, and you certainly get a good meal for 17,500.

Taj Palace is located in Itaewon at 2F 132-2, Itaewon1 -dong, Yongsan-gu , Seoul.  Come out of Itaewon Station (Line 6) exit 3 and walk straight until you reach Dunkin Donuts. Take a right at the corner and continue walking up the hill, its just opposite King Club and the Foreign food mart. If you would like more information about their menu, check out their website  which includes descriptions of all their curries. Or you can call them on 02-790-5786.



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  1. Next time I’m craving Indian in Itaewon, I’ll be sure to hit this up! Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked you on a few of my blogs (Miss A’s Middles, Eat Your Lunch-ee, and Everything “Rae”). Hope you don’t mind, love the blog!

  2. Definitely the best Indian buffet (or any buffet for that matter) I have had in Korea.
    The mutton, daal and tandoori chicken are superb. The free naan they bring to your table is excellent too!! Their buffet is better than most a la carte curries outside of Itaewon (in my humble opinion).

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