I think we can all agree that I really deserve to win a free holiday. What with my busy life of cooking and eating, no one needs a break more than I. The endless pressure of coming up with new and inspiring recipes is so relentless,  sometimes I am so exhausted I have to take to my sofa and watch hours of reality TV to recuperate from the pressure I am under.

It has been months since my trip to Italy and weeks before I shall take a jaunt to Hong Kong. So when this opportunity to win a free holiday to France presented itself, I felt I had to take part if only for own sanity.

If you would like to help me win said holiday, then you need to visit a wonderful blog called My French Heaven. Then follow the blog, and leave a comment telling him it was me that delivered you to her wonderful page.  It is a truly magnificent blog and is everything mine is not. Beautiful pictures and exquisite recipes than will have you drooling the second your eyes are set upon them.

I know it is asking a lot of you my dear readers, several taps of the mouse and typing a sentence or too. But if you have enjoyed reading my blog or have made at least one of my recipes, I  urge you to do your good deed for the day and help me win a holiday. I could be ever so inspired with a trip to France, so really you will be the ones to benefit.

If I have not convinced you well enough thus far. I have included some pictures of the marvelous recipes the blog contains. If they don’t lure you in, you clearly have a heart and belly made of stone.

Once again visit My French Heaven  and follow his blog, leaving a comment saying you have directed my me (a fat girls food guide).



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  1. Oh I love it darling! You are well on your way to winning the big prize as you are the first reader to get a move on this. Great post! One point!!!

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