I think most of you know I enjoy a cheeky morning drink on a weekend morning. There’s nothing like a good old breakfast cocktail to get your weekend started. I am obviously a big fan of the Bloody Mary and also the Vodoffee, my own invention. However sometimes I like something a bit fruity. We all know that its important to get our five portions of fruit and veg a day,  raging alcoholism is no excuse for bad nutrition! So I came up with this fruity delight. You may also drink it at any other time of the day.


50ml Absolut Grapevine (you may substitute with any other fruit infused vodka)

100ml pineapple juice.

frozen raspberries

frozen mango


Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until all the fruit has been pulverized. Pour into a glass and serve. Voilà the perfect way to start your morning right. Warning not recommended on weekday mornings unless you are trying to get fired.



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