Last weekend I was lucky enough to try some of the delightful treats from the Fog City Cafe. The Fog City Cafe is a restaurant in Incheon that also offers an amazing home delivery service all over Korea. I know I’m very fortunate to live around the corner from Itaewon, where I have a world of cuisine and ingredients within my reach. However there are too many people living in the middle of nowhere that do not have a multitude of restaurants at their disposal. For those of you that really live in the back-end of beyond you may not even have a Homeplus . So home cooking is pretty much an impossibility, especially if your household is sans oven.

Luckily for you a very lovely man called Bob Weimer has come up with a way of getting foreign food to the masses. Visit their website to take a look at the delivery menu, send them an email with what you would like and get it delivered to your door. Real food without even leaving your sofa, great huh?

The sour dough bread is incredibly good. When you open the box you can see immediately what great bread it is. It has a great crust and irregular texture that sour dough should have. Deliciously fresh and a slight sour taste. Paul Hollywood would be proud. No under baked loaves here.

I also tried the stew. Big chunks of beef, carrot and potatoes in gravy. Always a winning dinner in the winter months. Incidentally it goes great with the bread.

Also available for delivery are a variety of burritos, salsa, clam chowder, vegetable soup, and chilli and beans. All which would warm you up on a cold night. You can place your orders through their website. The orders takes 2 days to arrive from when you place it. So if you order on a Monday it should arrive on Wednesday. Not a bad return.

If you live near the Incheon area you may wish to pay their restaurant a visit. The menu is rather vast including  pizzas, pastas and baked goodies. They have also just started an extensive new breakfast menu on weekends and have a selection of wine and cocktails.

Full delivery details and prices can be found on their website.  The Fog City Cafe restaurant is located in  Incheon at Jung-gu Jung Ang-dong 1 Ga 19-1 ban-si, Incheon. You can check out their  facebook page for full directions or give them a call on 032-766-9024 .



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