Last night we were on our way home all set to blend up some roast pumpkin for soup when we saw that Tiger Masala had finally opened its doors. We had been very excited about trying the new Indian restaurant right on our doorstep and the soup was swiftly forgotten.  Although we have a good selection of cuisines within our neighborhood, Indian is not one of them, and I’m sure Tiger Masala will make an excellent addition.

The restaurant is very small, tiny in fact but what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality on an otherwise dull street. Although with Bakers Table and Poutine Factory on the same stretch it seems as though our bus stop is proving to be quite the culinary hot spot.

On to the food… The menu like the restaurant is quite small and straight forward but I’m happy to take a smaller menu of quality items over quantity any day. It reminded me of Casablanca’s chalk bard of sandwiches. They have seating for 10 plus a singles bar, or they will wrap it all up for you to take away and eat in the comfort of your own home.

We decided to go quite small for us and ordered a butter chicken (7,000) The dish is quite small, but at only 7,000 you wouldn’t expect to get much more. With a flavourful sauce and a few pieces of chicken, this was a nice dish.


We also tried the Paneer palak. A spinach and cheese curry. Slightly spicy and sure to be a hit with the vegetarians. I’m a big of a fan of paneer cheese so I was glad to see it on the menu.


We also ordered a rice and a naan bread both 1,500. The naan was standard fare, sadly no garlic naan as of yet but since its so cheap it would be hard to complain. We were pleasantly surprised to see pilau rice and not the standard white. It always livens up dinner time with a bit of color. We also ordered the cucumber raita, which I consider to be an Indian must have and never order a meal without it. This one was really tasty and I would eat it alone just as a dip. Quite a bargain considering its 3,000 price tag!

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Overall I’m sure I will be visiting Tiger Masala again very soon. It’s cheap, convenient, and local. Would I make the effort to come here for a real dinner instead of one of the larger restaurants in Itaewon? Probably not. However, I think this place will be very popular with locals. For anyone who doesn’t like cooking, you cant beat a curry, naan and rice all for 10,000. The menu also includes several veggie options so I’m pretty sure it will be popular with the veggie crowd too as well as the locals. They also have a loyalty stamp card, rewarding regular customers.

Tiger Masala is located 1F, 713 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 140-200. To get there come out of Noksapyeong station (line 6) exit 2 and walk straight down past the entrance leading to Hae bang chon and go over the pedestrian bridge  above the road. Take the left set of stairs down. It’s just two doors down from the bakers table just under the bridge. You can call them on 070-7563-1411 or check out their facebook page.

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