So a few weeks ago my lovely friend Susan asked me out to dinner. Never one to turn down a free meal, I quickly accepted her kind offer. The restaurant of choice was Aligato, a Sushi restaurant in the alley just behind the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon.

We arrived and started to peruse the menu thinking that it was looking rather on the expensive side. Luckily for us she had a voucher that she had to use as it expired the next day. We were recommended the set (35,000) which was very expensive considering that it only came with 12 pieces. However after investigating further we found that all the sushi rolls came with 8 pieces and they were very reasonably priced.

Susan was shocked when I said I don’t actually like fish and had wondered why the hell I had come. However even for the non fish eater like myself there are plenty of options. I love shellfish so I always go for the prawn or vegetarian options. There is a conveyor belt at Aligato but we decided to sit at a table instead and just order off the menu. The dishes on the belt ranged from 2,500 – 4,000.

My companions ordered the Beautiful Roll, 12,000 – Which was Prawn tempura, salmon, tuna and avocado. Sadly I couldn’t try any of them but they certainly didn’t stay on the plate too long.


They also ordered the spicy salmon rolls 12,000. Again I couldn’t partake of these but they seemed to go down well.


I ordered myself the Tempura Roll, 8000. Which was stuffed with prawn and avocado. Always a winning combination, they were truly a tasty delight. The prawn tempura was perfectly entwined with the avocado and encased in the rice and seaweed. It was great, I used to eat this a lot when I lived in Australia so it was great to have it again.


We also ordered Chicken Karake roll, 8,000. Filled with chicken, avocados, radish sprout and topped with a spicy sauce these were really nice too.  A definite must try for any fishists out there, you can still do sushi even if you don’t like fish!


The restaurant bar had a cool atmosphere. It got much busier as the night wore on, so try to get there early if you need to be served quickly. I certainly enjoyed my evening at Aligato. The sushi was good and the complimentary miso and tea  kept on coming. They have a bar and lounge upstairs which I would be keen to try next time as I hear they do great cocktails. They are open until very late on weekends and would make a welcome change to my usual late night kebab.

Aligato is located at 112-3 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) Come out of exit 2 and walk straight. Take your first left which passes by a clothing store, Thai restaurant and the Flying pan. As you reach the Alley behind the Hamilton Hotel take a right and keep walking straight for about 100 meters. Aligato is on your left just next to Bungalow. You can call them on 02-795-1533.



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