I have been hearing a lot about iHerb over the last few months and I thought it was about time I gave them a try. They are primarily a health food store but they ship all over the world. They have tonnes of ingredients that are very hard to come by in Korea especially if you are not living in Seoul.

Just to name just a few they have: baking ingredients, beans, herbs, spices, dressings, marinades, couscous, quinoa, tea, coffee, vitamins, herb extracts, dried fruit, herbs, nuts, oils, stock cubes,vinegar, Kettle crisps, and chocolate!

They have an expansive range of herbs and spices, I picked up cumin seeds, Cajun seasoning,  and Mexican seasoning. Although some of these things are available at the foreign food mart in Itaewon , there are so many people living far away that cant get to them. Also the prices are very cheap, its much easier to order online than go out trekking in the cold and I live 15 minutes away.

Here’s a picture of my first order:


I am a big fan of apple cider vinegar. I discovered it about 6 months ago and have been an avid fan ever since. There has been a lot written about it but I think one of the many benefits of taking a spoonful in water twice a day is weight-loss. When ever I return from holiday a few pounds heavier I start up on the apple cider vinegar and the pounds are usually gone within a week. However I never have a large enough supply to keep this up for a significant amount of time. I haven’t found anywhere in Korea when you can get it that includes the active mother which is vital. Now I know they have it on iHerb I can order until my hearts content.

I ordered a bag of quinoa. I used to use it a lot back home so was disappointed not to find it here. It is now available at Emart, but it’s pretty expensive. But an order from Iherb was lovely and cheap.

I also ordered some wheat bran for my muesli. I love muesli and eat it on top my fruit and yogurt for breakfast everyday. However too many of the pre-packaged ones you can buy here, have so much sugar in them you might as well be eating chocolate for breakfast. I’ve always liked making my own, chocking it full of fruit, nuts, and seeds to make it healthier. I’ve always had trouble finding bran or wheat flakes so now I have a large supply. They do have wheat flakes at high street market though if you live in the Itaewon area.

I also bought some instant miso soups for instant work snacks and some kettle crisps. Just because I love them. My total order with the discount and shipping was $29.98!

Delivery is a flat $4 for 15 pounds of goodies. An absolute bargain! I placed my order on Tuesday and it was ready and waiting for me on the Monday. So not long at all to wait really. I’ve already placed another two orders since then which I’m very excited to receive.

The best part about I -herb is you only have to enter you details once. They will retain your address and credit card so you just have to click a button to place your next order. Although I might add it’s also a little a dangerous, if you’re anything like me. At 3am last week I decided on a whim I’d like to give the master cleanse a go. I selected all my items and just one click later they were on their way. If I had had to get up and find my bank card and address I probably wouldn’t have ended up getting them so beware if you are a shopaholic like me. I very much doubt I will last very long on the cleanse but its only cost 20,000 for everything including the postage and packing. That’s less than a pizza, so I can hardly go wrong.

They also have a freebies section, so with every order you can get one free gift, how cool is that?

If all that wasn’t enough you can also get a big saving on your first order, just use my gift code MRV792 and you could save loads, $10 on a $40 spend and $5 for under. Its worth spending more though as mine actually got cheaper the more I put on to it. You can visit this lovely online store here.  Happy shopping!




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  1. what a great post! i’ve been trying to find some baking ingredients here and it’s quite difficult! will have to try this site. do they accept korean atm cards?

      • Right. I heard about that. I’m getting a nice hefty order in before the 28th, so hopefully that will hold me over for a little while. Overall, it’s still not that bad for creature comforts. It’s nice to have the option. 🙂

        Love your blog by the way. Thanks for your time and efforts!

          • Awww, thanks! I’ve been neglecting it for awhile, but am getting back into the swing of things shortly. Graduation with the little ones this week and hopefully after that, things will slow down a bit. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. First of all, I love your blog! ^^
    Second, I wonder if it’s safe to order from iHerb without your package being stuck at the customs. I had troubles before with a package stuck at the customs and I don’t want to risk that again =S

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