Hurray Hurray its Saturday, so once again and that means its time to celebrate with another cocktail! I do love a good old jug of Pimm’s. However my favourite jug sized drink is too often resigned to only the summer months. I picked up another bottle whilst I was travelling in Hong Kong and I’ve been in the mood for it ever since. Sadly I have not managed to find anywhere in Korea that sells it, but I shall keep up the hunt.  I decided I would make a slightly different version which would be more satisfying during the winter month. Its also hard for me to get hold of mint in the winter, mainly because I have no sunlight in my flat and its -10 outside. So this concoction works perfectly.


250ml of Pimms

500mls of lemonade

300ml of ginger ale

2 baby oranges

1 lemon

A handful of frozen raspberries

A handful of ice


Chop up the lemons and baby oranges into pieces. Put them into a jug then add the Pimms, lemonade and ginger ale. Throw in the raspberries and stir. Add ice cubes and enjoy. Voilà how to get drunk, the English way.



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