A mixture of work and hangovers has caused to me to neglect my blog once again. Though hopefully this post and its deliciousness for all will make up for it. Last week I was lucky enough to try some of the tasty dips from Mediterrranean food in Korea. Zayd the man behind the brand has come up with scrumptious recipes that he ships all over Korea. Yes, I speak the truth, deliciousness is just a mere click away and all without leaving the comfort of your own sofa.

Things like Greek yoghurt and ricotta cheese are reasonably easy to find when you’re living in Seoul, but outside of Korea’s capital city it can be next to impossible. I have previously posted a recipe to make your own Greek yoghurt. However mine doesn’t seem to come out quite as creamy as this one. Zayd’s Greek yoghurt (6,900 for 650ml) is as authentic as it gets. If you are sick of overly sweet mass-produced Korean yoghurt and are craving the real deal, this is where you need to come. He also sells  extra thick greek yoghurt (7,500 for 190ml)for those you craving a true creamy delight. This would be amazing in the place of cream for a healthy dessert.


I have always held my own dips in high regard. But their tzatziki (8,000 for 190g) blows me out of the water. It’s just so fresh, tangy, and tasty… on top of some lamb and home-made flat bread it would be absolutely amazeballs!


I was also able to try his eggplant dip (6,500 for 150g). Again this dip was da bomb. Suffice to say it rocked my taste buds’ world. If you’re hankering for it I suggest you order a big batch pronto.


We also got the banana bread (2,000 a slice), you could smell the banana as soon as I opened it. I’m not particularly fond of banana bread but my boyfriend munched it down post haste. He gave it the thumbs up.


Mediterranean food in Korea already have a fabulous range of dips and dairy products but they have just stated making falafel (5,500 for 6 pieces and 1 pita bread)!!! I’ve been dreaming about those little beauties for some time now. I have almost resorted to making my own. Next time I host a girls night in (or Niall goes to the pub) I will be sure to stock up and have a dip ridden time of my life. To see the full menu and find out more details about delivery, check out their website. Happy falafelling!

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