I think you may know by now that I love a cupcake or 3. So imagine my delight when after moving to Hae Bang Chon,  I discovered that mere meters from my house there was a delightful little cake shop. However sadly for me it hadn’t opened yet and it has now moved up to Itaewon. I spent months walking past admiring the beautiful mixers inside wondering when oh when would I finally be able to buy some cakes. They finally opened a few months ago now, but I have just only gotten around to writing a post. However I wanted to be very thorough dear reader, so I made it my business to try as many of the goodies as possible (for purely professional reasons of course).

The first cupcake of choice is the Snickers Cupcake (4,500). This was quite a delight, chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, slices of snickers, and drizzled with caramel sauce. This is one for those of you with a sweet tooth. If you like snickers I’m sure you will find it heavenly.


The Maple Bacon Cupcake (4,500) a cinnamon cupcake with pieces of bacon mixed into the batter. Topped with maple frosting with a slice of bacon. This has a nice balance of salty and sweet, it shouldn’t work but it does. I will certainly be ordering this one again. From now on I’ll be adding bacon to all my desserts. Bacon trifle anyone?


Red Velvet (4,500) Red velvet is one of my absolute favourite flavors so I was looking forward to it. The cake has that sourness that one comes to expect from a red velvet cake. The frosting is very sweet and cheesy though. It’s a bit runny for me. It’s fine but not the best I’ve had in Korea.


On to the root beer float (4,500) I recently tried root beer for the first time and this cupcake is certainly reminiscent of it. The cake is root beer flavoured while the frosting is very sweet. It’s a good combination and makes a nice alternative to the more traditional flavours.


Pumpkin (4,500)I didn’t choose this one I got it for free. It’s a pumpkin spiced cake with pumpkin frosting. This one isn’t really my cup of tea, but if you like cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin then give it a bash. I did enjoy the squidgy little pumpkin on the top though.


Vanilla (4,500) I love vanilla cupcakes and they are usually my go to choice. This one had a nice light vanilla cake with a sweet vanilla frosting. It was nice enough and  looked perfect but it wasn’t a patch on the one in Life is just a cup of cake up in Itaewon.


Overall I am thrilled that Sugar Daddy has opened on my door step. They have a wide variety of cupcakes with lots of fun flavours. I am very keen to try the Key lime and the New York Cheesecake flavours very soon. I have also been very lucky,  as every time I have bought two I have received  a third one for free (assah)! So in this case it’s better to buy an extra one.

Sugar Daddy is located in the arcade just next to Mcdonalds in Itaewon. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) . Walk straight out of exit 3 and cross the road towards Itaewon.  Sugar Daddy is on  is on your right just after Mcdonalds inside the little shopping arcade. You can call on 010-3630-0723 if you require any further information.



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