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A few weeks ago it was my birthday. Like any respectable 28 year old girl I yearned for a Hello Kitty birthday cake, lets face it, who doesn’t yearn for one?  However, considering my boyfriends lack of baking skills the chances of me getting one without making it myself were slim, very slim (not unlike myself). I set him the task of trying to find a cake shop that might make it for me but where in the world would I find such a thing in Seoul? It seems that cake heaven was not actually too far away. The lovely Dali of iDalicious Homemade Bakery creates and makes her own wonderful cakes and will custom make anything you want.

My boyfriend sent a few ideas of what he wanted, then she sent him back several pictures to choose from. You can then pick the size of your cake. We went for the medium which cost around 30,000. The design was amazing and the cake was delicious. I was thrilled when it was presented to me and it made all my birthday wishes come true. So if you have someone specials birthday coming up and you want something different, then iDalicous bakery is the place to go. It beats a crappy cake from Paris Baguette any day of the week. You can contact Dali through her facebook page and check out all the pictures of her delightful cakey creations.



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  1. Do you know, is this good ole’ buttercream frosting or the Korean whipping cream frosting? Is the cake sweet or just spongy like Paris Baguette cake?

    • I have to confess that I was actually rather trashed by the time I got to eat the cake, but it tasted different to whipped cream, it had a kind of a white chocolate taste. It wasn’t butter cream though. I’m sure she can do different kinds of frostings if you ask though x

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