Summer is here, and things are hotting up. We all need to cool off and also make sure we are still getting our daily soju allowance. Enter the Soju Pop Cocktail. Recommended to me by one of my good friends this was too good for me not to share, even if I can’t really take much credit for it. It’s the perfect drink to refresh you on a hot Summer’s day when you’re sat outside your local convenience store. Choose your favourite ice-lolly ( I used a strawberry and apple 스그류), grab a bottle of cider and a bottle of Soju, and you’re ready to make delightful summer drink. If you are a classy kinda drunk like me, feel free to replace the soju with your favourite flavoured vodka.


300ml of lemonade/cider/sprite (UK/ROK/USA)

100ml of Soju (or vodka)

1 ice lolly (Popsicle)


Take one large glass, a 1 pint beer glass pilfered from your local bar works perfectly. Add the soju and top up with lemonade. Unwrap your chosen ice lolly and put it into your drink, and keep stirring until the ice lolly has melted off the stick. Drink and enjoy. Repeat if necessary. Voilà the Soju Pop Cocktail. Sweet Summer salvation.

soju 3soju 1soju 2



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