Located at the spot where the now departed Poutine Factory was situated, is the newly renovated Once Upon A Milkshake. We waited weeks for them to open so last weekend, I thought it was about high time I go and taste one, as I really don’t drink enough of my calories. With a bounty of fab flavours I was overwhelmed on which one to choose. You can also mix two for an extra charge and choose your milkshake’s thickness.

Feeling in a fruity mood I decided to opt for a strawberry. Just one taste though and the disappointment spread across my face. It was just so milky and bland. Not a hint of strawberry or any sweetness could be found. For a flavour named Real Strawberry is was a bit of a joke. It just tasted like the insipid vanilla ice-cream that was used to make it. I like vanilla but it was just so lackluster.


I decided before writing my review I should at least try one more. Maybe the strawberry was not as I would like it, but one of the sweeter flavours may hit the spot. So I tried the cookies and cream. The cookies and cream milkshake was so bad I didn’t even finish it. Coming from a serial gorger like myself that is bad, it’s a rare occasion when I won’t finish something. It was every worse than the strawberry. A thick sludgy cream with a few cookie crumbs in. The only nice thing I can say about these is that they are a good consistency.

milkshake 1

There are three sizes available at Once Upon A Milkshake;  mini 80z (4,000); regular 12 oz (6,000); and large 16oz (7,000). The mini is tiny, and the regular is very small too. I buy a lot of smoothies and frappucinos but I have to say these were expensive for their size. I’d be willing to bite the bullet on that if they were tasty though, but these just fell flat on their face. Quite ironically their slogan is premium ice-cream at non premium prices. The ice-cream is neither premium or good value. Save your tastebuds and your money and visit Baskin Robbins instead.

As you may have surmised from this review, I will not be returning to Once Upon A Milkshake for their overpriced and underwhelming milkshakes. I wish Poutine Factory would come back, their food was pricey too, but at least it tasted good. You can get a better milkshake at Mcdonalds for a lot less.

If you would like to still see for yourself, Once Upon A Milkshake is located at 242 Noksapyeong-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there come out of Noksapyeong station (line 6) exit 2 walk straight until you reach the overhead bridge. Walk over the bridge and take the stairs on the right. Go straight and Once Upon A Milkshake is on the left. You can call them on (070) 7435-3513 or check out their facebook page for more info.




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  1. Their salted caramel milkshake was pretty good tho..but i tried the cookies and cream and was equally disappointed.

    • It’s a shame about Poutine, it could have been good if they had charged less from the start. It was always empty though. I wasn’t surprised when it closed.

  2. Being a bit of a foodie and previouly having lived in Korea for 5years, I read alot of buisness “reviews” that were too damn PC to say it like it is or
    often seemed to be owner solicited. I am happy to read an honest review that doesn’t mince words when it comes to being critical. It simply means when you do give warranted praise I don’t have to take it with a pinch of salt. Thanks

    • Glad I skipped the white chocolate, I was considering that one too. The only ones I have heard good things about are the tiramisu and the salted caramel, but after the state of the other two, I wouldn’t waste another penny in there.

  3. I went there when they were having their soft opening. I ordered the peach one. After my first sip, they asked me how it was. I said I couldn’t taste any peach. I walked outside and finished it. Towards the end it was a chore. I was getting angry. My grandmother was a soda jerk as a teen, and she taught me the proper way to make a milkshake, and I noticed the shake was making me illogically angry.

    I don’t review places on soft openings or the first month of business, so I didn’t write about it. It’s bad enough that they use such bland flabby ice cream. But it’s even sadder that they can’t cover it up with their flavorings.

    Expect that they close in six months or the idiot Korean blogosphere gets a hold of it and makes a permanent line out the door a la Smokey Saloon.

  4. Dear treasured customers and patrons of OUAM,

    Good evening to all of you.

    Thank you for all your online feedback as they are very helpful to us.

    We have actually got in touch with site owner via email in responding to her email on the negative experience that she had recently experienced over the weekend.

    We have also got in touch with shop owner and discuss about the feedback being brought up based on all your experiences.

    As replied to site owner, please be rest assured that we use premium ingredients for our shakes and ice cream. We make our own ice cream as well before we blend it with milk. And we also use big amount of ice cream to make sure the shakes are thick and creamy as what a milkshake should taste and feel like. It is never our intention to disappoint nor shortchange any customers from their purchases and we are really sorry for some of the negative experience that you have gotten during your recent visits.

    We treasure both positive and negative feedback and we strive to improve. We have received very good feedback on the tastes and textures and have customers who returned on a often basis for similar flavor purchases. And it is also our duty to address and hear out not good feedback and try to understand what happened and how to prevent similar incidents.

    As it is the first ever shop in Korea, we have been trying to adjust to the taste buds of the customers in Korea specifically. The research & development team have stayed and tested out all the ingredients for shakes and ice cream while making slight adjustment in the fine tuning of intensity of flavors and sweetness level based on the very initial test period where we did gave out free samplers during the few days to gather feedback. After that, we did a period of soft launch due to many requests as many people started coming in while we were testing and developed most of the flavors and they did not mind purchasing during that period. We have a feeling that some of the not good feedback might be due to the period of soft launch and we really apologize for that. Even during this time, we are still trying to gather as much feedback and we try to adjust to the majority’s preferences and taste buds.

    We believe that we cannot follow 100% strictly to the original recipe due to different countries’ taste buds and acceptance and expectation level.

    With regard to the strawberry flavor that the site owner has purchased, we actually used real natural tasting strawberries and we do not use artificial strawberry flavoring. However in doing so (using real strawberries) there seem to be a slight fluctuation of taste due to it being a seasonal product and taste might differ due to different batches. We have checked and the amount of strawberry added was correct – however it could be that the batch of strawberry was lacking its natural flavor. We are monitoring this very closely and if it persists in every incoming batch we would change supplier immediately.

    Also, we have to ensure the thickness of milkshake served as we believe in thick and creamy shakes. We will need to change to stronger tasting natural strawberries as we are unable to add too much in (in terms of overall liquid juice content) as if we do then the overall shake might turn out watery therefore being a smoothie of sorts more than a thick shake. Using artificial strawberry flavor can possibly solve this problem, but we definitely prefer using natural strawberries as against artificial tasting strawberry.

    We sincerely apologize for not ensuring the natural taste of the strawberries was sufficient enough and we will inform our existing supplier about that batch as well.

    With regard to the 2nd ordered flavor of cookies and cream, the person in charge cannot remember exactly recall how much Oreo cookies had added into the shake and therefore we believe that it might be that there was slightly insufficient Oreo cookies in the concoction. We have already reminded them on ensuring the amount of cookies added as well as continue monitoring and gathering feedbacks on cookies and cream flavor whether it is still too light, too heavy or just right to the customers. We are also exploring the option of allowing customers to add or increase the intensity for some flavors that we can execute without sacrificing the thickness and texture of the overall shake as we also believe different customers have different preference and expectation what a certain flavor should taste like.

    We are really sorry that the purchased flavors are not up to mark and we seek to improve and adjust accordingly based on the overall palette and feedback as well as think of ways to allow further customization as mentioned above.

    We noted about the white chocolate and peach flavors as well and we will gather all the feedback in totality for us to make the necessary adjustment.

    We are very very thankful to all of you, as early adopters of our brand and products and supporting us during our infant stage in Korea. We sincerely seek your kind understanding and patience with us while to try to adjust the recipes and ingredients based on the taste palettes in Korea as we have now know, some ingredients works and get accepted whereas some other ingredients and recipes require further monitoring and reviews to make them right.

    We take pride in creating numerous different flavors for everyone to enjoy and we sincerely believe that we are able to create shakes that suit different expectations of customers.

    We would like to sincerely apologize to all of you once again for your recent visits and we will strive to improve immediately and to adapt to the Korean market and we are very thankful for all of you for dropping by and trying our products during our infant stage.

    Thank you for reading the above explanations and we strive to serve you better products that meet your expectations.

    Thank you very much and have a great week ahead.

    • Thanks for responding.

      As for the ice cream itself, my hunch is that it needs more egg yolks and vanilla. It should be frozen to a certain stiffness so that blending doesn’t kill the tiny ice crystals that contribute to the texture of a good milkshake. The other is to be brave enough to keep your ingredients seasonal. If they’re not at the optimal season don’t offer them.

      • I agree, the reply was weak. I was hoping they would say that there was a problem with the quantities or something. But all they have done is let me know that these sad tasteless milkshakes are what they deem to be a premium product.

  5. Hello zenkimchi,

    Good afternoon to you.

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the peach flavor.

    Yes, we have double checked with the shop owner and they have in fact actually changed the initial natural peach flavor (used during the soft launch) to the now a much stronger tasting peach that suits our need in creating thick and creamy shakes. It is regretful that some of the flavors – as pointed out such as peach, was not up to mark during the soft launch.

    In addition, the shop owner is implementing (as we are typing), in updating the list of flavors that – if the particular flavor is being reviewed and improved, they will put an indication beside the flavor that it is new and improved.

    This is also to allow us to communicate better and also better inform walk-in customers that the particular flavor has been re-developed and re-vamped.

    We really sincerely hope that, if your personal schedules allow, we really hope to serve all of you at the shop in the near future at your convenience so that we are able to gather the new treasured feedback or any further tips in improving at the shop and we can address it immediately.

    We can fully understand all of your perspective as paying customers, because we are ourselves paying customers to our food establishment too.

    We sincerely believe the building of a good F&B business is a two-way communication channel and we strive to address any feedback as soon as possible and we will solve it to our best capabilities.

    You may also drop us an email at to discuss anything further.

    Thank you and we genuinely hope to serve all of you soon.

  6. Hello zenkimchi,

    Thank you for the above constructive ideas, suggestions and feedback. We know what the suggestions mean and will certainly take them into consideration for the shop.

    We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

    • I have been back at their invitation. i enjoyed the tiramisu milkshake but the others I tried were still lacking for my tastes. Taste is very personal though, I just found them to be far to expensive.

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